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June 27 2017

TerraTrike Jolts Industry – Again – with New Electric-Assist Rambler E.V.O.

World’s first recumbent trike with a 5-phase motor, zero resistance pedaling

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — TerraTrike, the leading U.S. recumbent trike manufacturer, announced the release of the new Rambler E.V.O., a revolutionary electric-assist recumbent trike. Just as the TerraTrike Rover transformed the industry in 2010 and became the largest selling recumbent trike in the world, the E.V.O.’s functionality, ease of use and price is poised to set a new benchmark for all electric-assist trikes.

Based off the popular Rambler model, the E.V.O. (short for Electric Vehicle Option) uses a 750-watt, 5-phase motor – a first in the recumbent industry – made by Falco eMotors. Integrated into the rear wheel hub, the motor provides a seamless boost to pedaling through an embedded torque sensor. Falco design is light weight, whisper quiet, and gives extended range, high power, efficiency and torque.

“The beauty of this trike is that you simply turn it on and ride,” said Jeff Yonker, marketing director at TerraTrike. “We’ve figured out the ideal torque setting and assist level so that it’s very predictable and optimized for assistance and range – up to 60 miles on a charge. However, if you want to tweak the setup, the additional accessories will let you unlock even more capabilities.”

Additional accessories – the console, throttle, and plus-minus switch – allow the rider to adjust assistance levels, put the motor into a regenerative mode to charge the battery during long descents, or activate the “crawl” function – also a first in the industry – which is intended to get the trike rolling from a stop and engage a reverse gear for backing up. An Android-compatible app is currently available to customize the motor setup from your smartphone. The iOS app will be released soon.

“We’ve been working on this for over two years with the Falco team,” said Yonker, “and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The E.V.O. represents the next step for recumbents – getting our customers out for longer rides, taking the overall triking experience to a new level.”

Offered in a bold electric yellow and black paint finish, the E.V.O. ($2999 MSRP) will be available through all authorized TerraTrike dealers in late July. More information can be found on the TerraTrike website at www.TerraTrike.com.
Check out the new Rambler E.V.O. by clicking here.

June 19 2017

2017 RiderFest Sign Up Is Open!

The registration for this years RiderFest is now open!

Click here for event details and the link to the registration page.

We hope to see you all this year!

June 16 2017

TerraTrike Releases New Adventure-Ready Bags, Expands Mobile Storage Options

Looking to the future of trikepacking and long-distance touring, seven new bags added to Storage Solutions Collection

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (June 16, 2017) — TerraTrike, makers of the world’s most comfortable recumbent trikes, announced the expansion of its popular Storage Solutions Collection with seven new bags. Building on the adventure capability of the popular TerraTrike line, there are now 14 unique bags in the TerraTrike Storage Solutions Collection.

“It’s not enough to just get around in comfort on a TerraTrike these days, customers are demanding adventure-ready gear – from a simple jaunt down to the store to a sojourn across the desert of New Mexico,” said Jeff Yonker, marketing director at TerraTrike.

Whether commuting, exercising or touring, the new additions to the Storage Solutions Collection protect gear from water, dirt, road grime and wind damage. Made with durable polyester and nylon, most of the new bags are custom-fitted to late model TerraTrikes. Many will also fit other recumbent trike brands.

“People are getting further and further off the beaten path and going on longer and longer rides with our trikes,” said Yonker. “The Storage Solutions Collection was built to make sure they can carry everything they need. We love seeing how far out customers go and, of course, hearing them rave about how capable trikes are.”

The new additions to the Storage Solution Collection will be available in stores June 22. Pre-orders can be made on TerraTrike’s website.

The seven additions to the Storage Solutions Collection include:

Versa Bag ($19.95 MSRP) – Designed to attach to the popular VersaBars accessory (sold separately), this compact bag is great for a cell phone, wallet, camera, keys or map. When used with the VersaBars, it is easily accessible while riding and the clear vinyl pocket is perfect for map viewing on the move. Easily attached and removed with two Velcro straps. Sold individually, they can be mounted on either or both sides of the trike.

Easy Reach Bag ($19.95 MSRP) – A simple, durable bag to carry the items most riders have in their pockets. Large enough to carry a phone, keys, wallet, camera or trail snack. Velcro straps allows it to be mounted just about anywhere. The two interior pockets are gusseted to keep objects in place when opened.

Deluxe Seat Bag ($44.95 MSRP) – A more refined version of our original seat bag, it features two clips and a bottom strap to securely mount it on the back of a rider’s seat. The full-width zipper allows easy access and the top flap opens so items won’t fall out. Plenty of space for a cell phone, wallet, keys, camera, tools, a pump and a small lunch.

Commuter Pannier ($89.95 MSRP) – Designed with an integrated rain-fly and plenty of pockets and space, this bag will safely and conveniently transport a tablet or small laptop, important papers or text books. Make it a mobile briefcase or simply extra storage for any adventure by removed the detachable tablet sleeve.

Expedition Pannier ($99.95 MSRP) – The largest bag in the Storage Solutions collection, it’s perfect for trikepacking or just carrying a lot of groceries. The two zippered extension pockets on the end expand the overall length of the bag and can easily fit a tent, short camping chair or folded fishing pole.

Stowaway Bag ($79.95 MSRP) – The Stowaway Bag is the most unique bag in the Storage Solutions family. This “U” shaped bag fits neatly behind the seat, wraps around the rear wheel where it helps lower the trike’s center of gravity. The zippered ends allow for easy access from either side, and the Velcro interior partitions allow customization of the space.

Low Rider Rack – Designed to sit behind and under the seat, it allows for attachment of low profile panniers, such as the Commuter Pannier or Expedition Pannier and is also the perfect mounting point for electric assist batteries, helping to keep the trike’s center of gravity low.

Requires the addition of the appropriate Low Rider Rack Fit Kit (sold separately, $12.95 MSRP). Available for Rambler, Rover and Sportster models.

The original Storage Solutions Collection includes: Adventure Pannier (two durable saddle bags), Shopping Bag (perfect for that Sunday grocery store run), Trunk Pack (a handy, durable bag that attaches to the top of a Rear Rack), Deluxe Trunk Pack (an expandable version of the Trunk pack with a custom mounting plate for quick detachment), Cargo Rack (sits above the rear wheel and allows for attachment of panniers and a trunk pack), Seat Bag (a compact bag for pocket items), and Bottle Pocket (a padded sleeve for a water bottle that easily attached with Velcro).

June 13 2017

TerraTrike listed as top Fathers Day gift in Sierra Club magazine

In Sierra, the national magazine for the Sierra Clubs article "17 Ways to Get Dad Outside for Father’s Day", the TerraTrike Traveler was listed as one of the top gifts for Fathers Day.

"Has your father been really good this year? Might he benefit from an ergonomic, human-powered means of getting himself around? And not just around home base—the recumbent Traveler (about $2,100) from TerraTrike, designed for commuters and snow birds, folds down in less than a minute. In fact, it’s the only folding trike on the market that’s compactable into checked-baggage size. That means Dad can easily pack it into a plane, car, or camper, then recline and explore, anywhere he goes. Once he unfolds, it’s ready to ride."

Read the entire article and see their other choices at http://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/green-life/17-ways-get-dad-outside-for-fathers-day

June 05 2017

Outside Magazine review of Rambler AT

Outside Magazine writer Jen Judge rode a Rambler AT several hundred miles #trikepacking the backroads of New Mexico.

"Then one day, in a moment of frustration, I started looking for recumbent, three-wheeled bikes that could handle dirt. For “serious” cyclists, a recumbent, or trike, is about as appealing as training wheels. I’d never considered riding one, but soon found the Terra Trike Rambler All-Terrain, a brand-new design that landed on my doorstep a few weeks later. And though I hadn’t ridden it yet, and though I’d been couch-bound, and though I had only a week until I left for a photography assignment in Jordan, I concocted a trikepacking tour of the backroads of New Mexico. Four days, three nights, and several hundred miles later, I was sold."

Read the entire article here

May 26 2017

Purple Heart vets to ride TerraTrikes during Washington DC Memorial Day Parade

WASHINGTON, D.C. — At this year’s Memorial Day Parade two Purple Heart veterans will help lead the Purple Heart Foundation float on a novel form of transport – a recumbent tricycle.

The inclusion of a recumbent trike marks the beginning of a new partnership between TerraTrike, the largest producer of recumbent tricycles and tricycle accessories in North America, and the Purple Heart Foundation, the original organization to support combat-wounded veterans.

“It’s a great honor for TerraTrike to be a part the Memorial Day Parade this year,” said Jeff Yonker, marketing director at TerraTrike. “We’re proud to be working with this outstanding veterans organization.”

The new partnership includes the donation of two TerraTrike Ramblers and all proceeds from the sale of custom-made Purple Heart flag extensions, which will be available online and select TerraTrikes dealers nationwide. Additionally, for every trike purchase between May 25–31, 2017, TerraTrike will offer a free military flag extension from any branch of the U.S. military, or a Purple Heart Foundation flag.

As ongoing support for US service members, beginning May 25 all active military personnel or veterans with valid military ID will be eligible for a 10 percent discount on all new TerraTrikes.

“We’ve got a lot of vets who are fans of TerraTrike and we are always happy to hear how much a trike can mean to their recovery and general health,” said Yonker. “There are a lot of initiatives out there for vets to get active and this is our contribution to making that a little easier for them.”

The National Memorial Day Parade, organized by the American Veterans Center, will begin in front of the Smithsonian Museum of American History and follow Constitution Avenue past the Washington Monument, ending in front of the Lincoln Memorial gardens.

The two Purple Heart veterans riding the TerraTrikes, Michael Carrasquillo and Sebastian Ploszaj, will join the Purple Heart Foundation float for the entire parade.

May 25 2017

TerraTrike’s new Military Discount Program

As ongoing support for our United States service members, all active military personnel or veterans with valid military ID are now eligible for a 10 percent discount on all new TerraTrikes they purchase!

“We’ve got a lot of vets who are fans of TerraTrike, and we are always happy to hear how much a trike can mean to their recovery and general health,” said Jeff Yonker, TerraTrike’s Marketing Director. “There are a lot of initiatives out there for vets to get active and this is our contribution to making that a little easier for them.”

In addition to the Military Discount Program, TerraTrike is offering a Memorial Day special - for every trike purchased between May 25–31, 2017, TerraTrike will offer one free military flag extension for any branch of the U.S. military, or a Purple Heart Foundation flag.

May 01 2017

TerraTrike introduces the new Rambler All Terrain

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. TerraTrike, the largest producer of recumbent trikes in the U.S., has unveiled a new model in its highly successful Rambler line of recumbent trikes. The Rambler All Terrain (AT) has been purpose built to accommodate riders that want to get off the beaten path.

We took our Rambler with the 24-inch All Road tires and evolved it to a whole new level, said Jeff Yonker, marketing director at TerraTrike. The AT will allow riders to keep going when the pavement ends, without compromising speed, comfort or price. The Rambler AT is equipped with 24 Schwalbe Smart Sam tires which provide plenty of clearance and traction, the x20 component level mountain drive train featuring a 22-36T double chainring crankset, an 11-40T cassette and Avid BB7 brakes for added stopping power. It also features the new fixed seat design which keeps the rider firmly positioned and makes the trike more rigid and stable overall. New oversized studded alloy pedals give plenty of grip for climbing or descending steep hills. The new sparkle green paint job and orange embroidered TerraTrike logo on the seat will be sure to turn heads both on and off the trail.

The best thing about this trike is how versatile it is, said Mike Kessenich, CEO of TerraTrike. On pavement, you can pump up the pressure in the tires and cruise the bike path. But off road is where it shines. Just let a little air out of the tires to create a passive suspension system without the added cost, complexity and weight of traditional shock absorbers. On or off road, this trike rocks! The Rambler AT ($2,399 MSRP) is available at any authorized TerraTrike dealer.

About TerraTrike TerraTrike (WizWheelz, Inc.) is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is the largest producer of recumbent trikes in the U.S. The TerraTrike brand has been going strong for over 20 years, maintaining one of the industrys most extensive sales and support teams, with over 200 dealers in multiple countries. For more information, visit Terratrike.com or follow them on social media Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. For media inquiries, contact Alex Bunten, (802) 496-6072, alex@palemorning.com. For dealer inquiries, contact Marshall Randall, (800) 945-9910, marshall@terratrike.com or the dealer sales department at (616) 608-8086.

May 01 2017

BentriderOnline.com Review of Rambler AT

Online recumbent forum BentriderOnline.com has posted their review of the new Rambler AT.

As recumbent trikes take over more and more of the marketplace, people are expecting them to be able to all of the things their bikes do and the list keeps growing. One of those things on the wish list is off-roading. There have been a few off-road trikes over the last four years but almost all of them came with a wallet-shattering price tag. TerraTrike aims to change this with the new Rambler All Terrain.

As the name would indicate, the All Terrain is based on the Rambler but there are some major changes. The most obvious is the new 24 wheels shod with Schwalbe Smart Sam 242.10 tires. It also sports a very distinctive paint job. The main color is a medium forest greet and there are lots of orange accents. Theres a bit of metal flake in it and photos dont really do it justice. It has whiff of hunting gear about it, but more like hunting gear made by Versace. I really like the look.

You can read the entire review by clicking here.

April 25 2017

Traveler Review on BROL

Bentrider Online, the leading authority on recumbent cycles just published a review of our Traveler folding trike.

Spring is here for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere! The closer we get to the sun and higher temperatures, the more our minds drift towards the adventures the warmer weather will bring. Some of those adventures may involve traveling to far off lands. Unfortunately, even most folding trikes dont really fold down enough to be avoid oversize charges on an airline. One exception is the TerraTrike Traveler.

The Traveler was introduced in 2015. At that time, several trike manufacturers were showing and promising ultra-folders designed for airline travel. Thus far, the Traveler is the only one to have reached production in meaningful numbers.

The general frame layout and steering geometry is largely the same as the companys popular all chromoly steel Rambler model. The major difference is the addition of three hinges that allow the Traveler to fold down into a shockingly small package. There is one hinge of the main frame tube as one would expect, but the Travelers ace-in-the-hole is the two addition hinges located on either side of the cruciform closer to the front wheels.

You can read the entire article here: http://www.bentrideronline.com/?p=11266

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