One thing is for sure, our customers are fanatical about their TerraTrikes. Read these customer testimonials and their first hand experiences with their trikes. If you are an owner, and would like the world to hear about YOUR experience, drop us an email with a photo and we'll make sure the world knows what we already do, that the TerraTrike is the worlds most comfortable, well built and fun vehicle on the planet.

Terry and Sandra Brezina

I just received my TerraTrike Rambler this last Tuesday. My wife and I both ride it. My wife really likes the trike and I found that I have to take turns with her in riding it. It is just a fun way to get around. I am going to take it on the New River trail ride in the morning when it is cool. Thanks for designing and building a great American Made product.

Kristi Hammonds

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the Terra Trike Rambler is!! I have MS and have not ridden in years did not feel like my balance was good enough, well the Terra Trike changed all that, I feel safe, comfortable and above all free!! I have named mine "Liberty" because it gives me the freedom to be outside, moving and enjoying physical ativities that usually I cannot participate in, Thank you again, keep up the great work!!

Sue and Larry Schweinhart
Ann Arbor MI

We’ve had a Rover tandem since April 6 and have already gone 100 miles on it in the Ann Arbor area.

We have never before received such universal approval for anything we have done! Children, teenagers, younger adults, older adults -- all look, recognize, and smile or stick up their thumbs, or say "cool bike" or "awesome" or other words to that effect.

In addition to its fitness benefits, this trike is also a great cure for melancholy.

Mike Schultz

I can not tell you how much fun it is to ride my new Tour! My wife and I used to bicycle tour on mountain bikes. The last trip we did was the C & O Canal, from Cumberland, MD., to Washington, DC. After that, I changed jobs and was too busy to ride. Both of us were also uncomfortable on the mountain bikes and lost interest. I got her the trike I sent you photos of, right after we got back from the C & O Canal trip but did not get a trike for myself. This spring I bought one and it is as much fun on the trike today as I remember when I was a kid on the bike! The bike represented my ticket to freedom and adventure as a kid and even as an adult. The trike is my ticket to that again even though I am in my late 50’s.

Every one talks about the grin you have when you ride a trike and I did not understand that until now. I am grinning from ear to ear! Thanks for making our trikes! They are great!

Lance N Franke
Staff LIaison, RSCC @ OVH

Just a note about a fellow bike club member’s rover 8 spd. This past summer we did a bike contest, i.e., a cone weave. I rode my Gary Fisher Piranha and Don’s Rover. I bested the Piranha time through the cones by 33 seconds! I was wasting no time with the Piranha MTB and was astounded, as was everyone else, by the HUGE time advantage of the Rover.

The secret was the 360 turn at the end of the dozen traffic cones set on a gravel drive. I could not turn about the last cone on two wheels (on gravel) as fast as I could on three. A hard lean and turn to the right with the right brake clamped whipped the Rover around and I was hammering the pedals.

The Rover is quite a machine. The Rambler should prove even better!

Our bike club has ordered an 8 spd for our Road Soldier fleet here at the Ohio Veterans Home.

Good job, TerraTrike!

The Silver Family
Jacksonville, NC

Our 11 year old son LOVES his TerraTrike! He has always dreamed of riding a bike with his brother and friends but hasn’t been able to due to a disability. Born an above knee amputee, Declan loves the outdoors and enjoys the freedom and fun his new TerraTrike provides. He summed it up in one word.... AWESOME!! I couldn’t agree more. The smile on his face and the joy in his heart is proof that buying a TerraTrike is wonderful investment.

Thank you so much for all of the help and great service you provided from ordering to delivery to our doorstep! You guys are the best!

Jake Scott
Jacksonville, FL

In early August I was struck by a drunk driver at a red light and broke my back, I had a 4 level thoracic fusion. I am a young 28 yr old former college offensive lineman and now a high school football coach and teacher, due to the crash I lost my job as a teacher and have been laying around losing all of my muscle for the past 3 months. I have recently decided I needed to start exercising again to try and regain some health for myself, so I took myself to a few bike shops her in Jacksonville, FL saw some recumbents with 2 wheels and really liked the comfort. It wasn’t until I went to Lakeshore Schwinn Cyclery that I saw the Rover I sat in it and immediately fell in love after riding it for a short time I knew I had to have it and bought it right there on the spot, and then decided I just had to ride it again immediately so they let me ride it down the road. I am going to get it fitted for me tomorrow and I can’t wait to bring it home and get on some of these bike trails these things are perfect for my injury and for anyone who has sever problems with backs or other joints that prevent them from riding normal bikes, I am so excited I can’t sleep thank you TerraTrike for making these and thanks to Lakeshore Schwinn for being so helpful and giving me a reasonable price for this amazing trike I hope it lasts forever.

Mike Clancy
Waukegan, IL

I’m a slightly overweight, out of shape, 61 years old veteran who, because of physical problems, can’t drive and have some balance problems. I miss my independence and the sensations of speed and wind in my hair (what little there is of it). I was never a big bike fanatic but I always had one. After seeing a recumbent trike in a background shot on some TV show I started researching them. In my case everything pointed to a Rambler model TerraTrike. I just had to test drive one so my wife and I made the pilgrimage from the Chicago area up to Kentwood, MI. to TerraTrike. We were greeted by smiling staff members and when I stated that I was there for a test ride a very helpful, knowledgeable and pretty sales associate (Lydia) assisted me. She adjusted a Rambler Elite model for my size, explained the steering, brake and gearing systems and turned me loose on the indoor test track. I was thrilled with its performance and after a few NASCAR laps (no right turns) I asked if I could take it out to the parking lot. She opened the door for me and put a safety flag on the trike and away I went. It was comfortable, smooth and easy to operate and my balance issues were no problem. I was surprised at the turning radius and the ease of shifting. And above all it was FUN! I going to order one for delivery in the early spring and I can hardly wait.

If you are thinking of getting a TerraTrike by all means go to the source and try one out. The staff are friendly and eager to help you. You won’t be disappointed.

Bill Cote
New Hampshire

OK, after back surgery years ago, I gave up conventional bike riding as regardless of bike set-up, I was in pain. I researched recumbents and was not thrilled with 2 wheels. Then I discovered TT! I located a Cruiser at the Bike Man in Maine, drove up from NH, rode the trike for an hour, bought it on site, loaded it directly into my Volvo wagon and drove home. I have never enjoyed biking as much as now. While safety is a concern, the view from "down below" is gratifying. I can soak in thesurroundings with confidence. Thank you TT for liberating a near retiree.

Stewart R. Mac Donald
Algonac Michigan

I’m not sure exactly what "Part of the Solution" means but here goes. My new Rambler trike arrived on Friday and it\’s just AMAZING!! Because of the bad weather here in Algonac, MI, I’ve only ridden it around the block 3 times (about 3/4 of a mile). This is a fabulous bike I er mean trike especially for an 80 year old geezer like me. In fact, it’s great for any age. Tomorrow the weather looks good so I can hardly wait for an extended ride.

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