One thing is for sure, our customers are fanatical about their TerraTrikes. Read these customer testimonials and their first hand experiences with their trikes. If you are an owner, and would like the world to hear about YOUR experience, drop us an email with a photo and we'll make sure the world knows what we already do, that the TerraTrike is the worlds most comfortable, well built and fun vehicle on the planet.

Louise Reinert

I purchased a Rover from Hostel Shop in Stevens Point WI. Andy spent a couple of hours making sure I had a good ride. Am very happy with their service. I want to thank you for making a great ride for older folks with mobility problems. I have arthritis in my hips, knees and ankles. I would recommend this trike. As I ride around town I have people say cool bike. I call it a sweet ride. My husband is thinking of getting one also. Thank you for a great bike.

Neal Conners
Crown Point, IN

Just wanted to let you know how impressive your customer service is. You not only create a quality awesome trike, you stand by your product warranty in a fast and efficient way. I was lucky when I found and bought my Tour. Keep up the good work. I am looking to purchase a another in the future. Also I only missed one day ride.

Tony and Pam
Cadillac, MI

We have been remiss in writing to tell you how much we love our "new to us" tandem trike. We are on our third season with it now. Tony is blind, but likes to be active. He is a former long distance and marathon runner which much to my delight, makes for a a powerful stoker. We had tried riding a regular, upright tandem, but since I am short, and he is tall, we couldn’t get a safe and comfortable fit, even though we did some modifying. The bike was to big for me to feel confident in captaining. As a result we didn’t ride very much, and when we did, I didn’t enjoy it. very much. I was constantly concerned about being able to handle the bike if I got into a threatening situation, I had numb hands and tight shoulders because the bike was ill fitting for my stature. Those issues are non existent on our Terra Trike Tandem. My confidence in captaining has increased and the recumbent seats allow me to give word pictures to Tony as we ride along. We rode in our first group tour this year, a 283 mile, 6 day ride across the state of MI. Our tandem didn’t let us down once. We ride more often, and greater distances than we did with an upright tandem. We enjoy the talks we have while riding and the time spent together is priceless. We wouldn’t give our trike back to you, even if you paid us more than we paid for it. Your staff has been very accommodating, even though we didn’t buy the trike new. Keep up the good work, we’re glad you are there.

Andrew Moler

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful my rover has been. In December I was in a headon collision that pretty much destroyed my foot. After several months in the hospital I was looking to get an recumbent exercise bike. I ran across your website and began to look into the rover. I contacted Pete at SpinZone Cycling in Granger,IN he was so helpful. I went and took a rover for a testride. Which is not easy with a cast on. I fell in love with it from the start. I purchased it and love it. As the business manager for the World Clown Association I talk to a lot of clowns that were getting ready for parades for the 4th of July. My family and I went through some classes to become clowns as we were not when I started the job. I am very limited on my activities so I thought a parade was not an option. My wife said what about your rover? So we took it to the Michigan City Summer festival Parade on July 2nd. I made the papers on the 2nd page, and it was a hit. The Rover has helped my foot, and hip so much. Thank you for a great trike, and for Pete as well.

Stephen Collette
Lakefield, ON

am writing to tell you about my experience with TerraTrike. I bought a used TerraTrike, serial #100333 and love it. I had questions, as it was my first trike and so I emailed your company, using your easy online website. I was answered by Kelli, who did her best and answered what she could, and then forwarded along to Ben, who has been an outstanding resource. Both of these people have answered my questions in crazy record time, like last night, Sunday, I emailed Ben a question, and he replied Monday morning before 9:30am. Ben and I have been sending emails back and forth as I tweak and adjust this trike back into shape. His emails have been super fast, clear, concise and always cheerful. He keeps saying, we want to give great service. He has done that in spades and then some. As a business owner myself, I try hard to deliver great customer service, as I know what it means to my business, and to be on the receiving end of your great service is fantastic. I\’m a die hard Terra Trike fan now, after only having my trike for 2 months. This trike has allowed me to get back into riding after 15+ years away from it and to get the \"bent buzz\" that is so common for those who ride them.

I am very grateful to Terra Trike for your professional, courteous and cheerful staff. I look forward to a long relationship with your company.

Peter Crockett

My Doctors told me I could not ride a bicycle any longer as it was too unsafe for me. My Ortho suggested a ’recumbent trike’ as a way I could continue to ride. In DEC of 2010 I bought my Rover from TerraTrike, and it was love at first ride~! Frank (my 13 month old replacement knee) didn’t complain one bit.

Fast forward to today, which is day 31 post hip replacement surgery, and I am riding my Rover almost daily as part of my physical therapy. I can ride more comfortably than I can walk at this point. The relaxed riding position, combined with the security of three wheels allowed me to start riding 18 days after surgery.

The Rover is easy to care for, does not require constant ’adjustment’, and I simply sit down and start riding! No special clothes (padded) required, and I am comfortable all day long in the seat.

I call this a gift from God, but it came from TerraTrike~!

A few facts:

Some 20lbs lost.
Resting Heart-rate is down 7 points
Thanks to my riding, I can now ’chat’ when walking with friends and family.
My Ortho, PT Doc, Heart Doc, and my Pain MGNT Doc all support and encourage me to ride my Rover~!
Thanks to TerraTrike, I am now getting almost daily Cardio exercise that I otherwise would not be getting.
I’ve gone from seeing my heart DR bi-weekly, to my next APPT being 8 months from now!

The Rover by TerraTrike is truly accessible to people regardless of weight, or general health conditions. I can honestly say that prior to getting my Rover, walking 100 yards was very stress-full to me, and yet, even 31 days after having my right hip replaced, I can easily and happily ride 8 miles around in my neighborhood~! That’s the freedom my Rover gives me!

Neil Kirst
Sheboygan, Wi

This will be my 3rd summer on my Cruiser without any problems what so ever! If you want a comfortable ride, then this is the Trike for you. Easy pedaling and the brakes will stop you on a dime. The bike trails and the city streets are my friend on my Cruiser!!

Gail Scriver
South Dakota

I love riding and sitting up so I can see what is out there. My favorite hobby is photography, so I ride and take pictures of wildlife along the way. Everyone should have a TerraTrike! You won’t be able to stop smiling!


I love my Rover because not only do I tip over way less frequently ( I don’t even spud at stoplights anymore) the 400# payload capacity means I can pack a lunch with me on my way to work.

W. Peabody

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy riding my Terratrike Tour. I had to stop riding a diamond-frame two-wheeler because of occasional balance problems, and chronic pain. With the trike I can ride as slow as I like, and accompany my daughter on walks. Even on days I am not feeling so great, I can still go out and ride, and take my time if necessary. Also it’s very comfortable to sit in. It’s a good quality machine, it shipped here in perfect shape and without any delays. Thanks so much!

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