One thing is for sure, our customers are fanatical about their TerraTrikes. Read these customer testimonials and their first hand experiences with their trikes. If you are an owner, and would like the world to hear about YOUR experience, drop us an email with a photo and we'll make sure the world knows what we already do, that the TerraTrike is the worlds most comfortable, well built and fun vehicle on the planet.

Jeff Kenoe

This is my second year with my Path 8. I look forward to getting a second , a cruiser for Florida.

Charles Beesley
Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas

I had been researching trikes for about a month after I discovered that my extensive accumulation of years and injuries has caused a big problem with my balance. After a winter of feeling bad and a broken ankle, I dusted off my two wheeler when spring finally rolled around. I fell 3 times in about a two week period before I figured out that I had to park the bike. No problem going fast, just getting started and stopping. Oh well.

The TerraTrike jumped out at me when I started looking at trikes on the internet. I immediately liked the Tadpole concept with the recumbent seat. Found several brands of tadpoles in the Dallas area and was able to test ride 3 different trikes. I found the TT to be superior to the rest in style and engineering.

I was able to ride a Rover and a Cruiser at Ft. Worth Cycling and Fitness and when I decided within a week, the Cruiser had sold. I prefer the frame and steering on the models other than the Rover so I went back and ordered a Path-8 even though I hadn’t even seen one. Ordered it on Thursday afternoon and picked it up the following Wednesday. I love it. Wish I had found TerraTrike years ago.

Also I might add, anyone reading these testimonials trying to make a decision, go for it. They are not exaggerations. This product is that good. Now if I could just figure a way around the Texas heat.

Rod Simas

Wally’s bike works sold me one of you rover 8. May I say after 2 years of research I finally own in my opinion the best bike for me. I drove over 2 hours to get this product. It is now my work commuter doing over 10 miles a week. I am a disabled veteran with multiple injuries to my spine and legs. I am now exercising again. Thank you for a wonderful product and dealer.

Al Swanson

Truly, you guys are the standard when it comes to customer service. Now if we could just get you to bottle up ...the formula and send it to the DMV. And IRS. And ATT.

John Dennis

By the way since purchasing the rover I have lost 32 lbs and off my meds. Great trike! Keep up the good work.

Cal Olson
Grand Rapids MI

My TerraTrike has made me realize that I don’t like the person I become when I drive - impatient, frustrated and angry. More and more I’m convinced that the more I ditch the car and ride my trike, the happier I am. Everywhere I go now, I’m thinking "what route can I take to use my trike to get here?" Riding my Rover has changed not only my life, but how I think about the world. Thanks!!

Karen Ballentine

My TerraTrike arrived on Friday and I love it. Took three rides today - I can hardly stand to be off it. I was sad when my BikeE was totaled last summer, but if that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have a Rover now. The Rover is easier to ride and easier on my arthritic knees. In fact, my knees already feel better after riding at least one good ride every day. South Padre Island temps in the middle 70s make riding even more fun.

About half a dozen people in the RV park have ridden it and all have been very impressed. My FB friends are intrigued and looking forward to seeing it when we meet up with them again.

Thank you for making such a fine and fun product and getting it here so fast. I am so very pleased with it!

Dennis Slauson
Ankeny Iowa

We picked up our Rovers from Barr Bicycles in Des Moines last week. They were fantastic in helping us to get our Rovers set up correctly. I have had 3 back fusion surgeries and my wife has had 3 knee surgeries. We can no longer ride a regular bike without pain and discomfort. Well I have to tell you we rode 3.5 miles first time out, 8.5 the second time out and 12 miles the 3rd time. I have had no back pain, no neck pain and my wife is rehabing her knee by riding pain free. The Rover is so easy to get on and off as well as having the stability we need. This was a great choice for us and we couldn\’t be happier with the Rover. It was worth the wait.

Michelle Burke
Cocoa FL

LOVE my Rover! Got it Saturday afternoon and I have 20+ miles on it already. For a 61 year old that’s just plain amazing! Doesn’t hurt my knees and it’s a blast to ride. You guys have put the word FUN back into my concept of exercise! Thank you!"

Mary Ann Peck

I had a severe stroke in 08. The only bike the Dr, will let me ride is one of your\’s. I have a Rover. I was paralyzed on the right side but with my foot clipped on the pedel I am now riding 2 miles. I have gotten stronger and am now able to walk and do about everything I did before- just slower. Thanks for this bike. Didn’t think I’d ever be able to ride again.

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