One thing is for sure, our customers are fanatical about their TerraTrikes. Read these customer testimonials and their first hand experiences with their trikes. If you are an owner, and would like the world to hear about YOUR experience, drop us an email with a photo and we'll make sure the world knows what we already do, that the TerraTrike is the worlds most comfortable, well built and fun vehicle on the planet.

Carol Schultz

Purchased the Terratrike Rover in June 2010 for my husband who is a stroke survivor.(2003) He is not able to use his right arm/hand &has limited use of his right leg. We were avid bike riders before his stroke. Finding the Terra trike Rover gave him a new interest on life. The bike shop was most helpful in changing the gears & brake to the left side. A distinct advantage is the trike is easy to get on & off - he is able do this by himself. We have built up to riding 4 miles per trip. This Trike is the BEST. He once again has his freedom & confidence.

Lisa Sebastiano

We purchased my son’s TerraTrike from your company this past spring. He’s just delighted that he can participate in family bike rides and charity events now. Your company is amazing and we cannot say enough about how hard you worked to pinpoint the correct model for him and have it assembled the way he needed it. He’ll be riding it for MANY years to come. Thanks so much!

Loree Pryc
Ventura CA

I want to share with you an inspiring application of the TerraTrike and how it is being used for stroke recovery. My husband, Dennis, suffered a catastrophic stroke at age 43 which resulted in the right side of his body being severely limited in movement. Before his stroke, Dennis was an avid mountain biker as well as active in tennis. Thus, this event was earth shattering, for he was initially unable to do any of the activities he loved to do. Initially Dennis was confined to a wheelchair, and persevered to regain mobility. My goal was to help find activities that he could perform and regain some sort of normality again. We rented a two seater trike and we realized that he could ride the bike with the help of securing his feet and hand to the bike. Soon after this, about 1 year ago, Dennis purchased his Terra trike. We changed the foot pedal to lock his shoe. I sewed a glove that he could velcro his hand around the handle bar. Dennis has been able to ride his bike several miles a day and enjoying a more independent, pleasant therapy. His movement has been regaining slowly. We have taken the bike on travels and Dennis even rode the Terra trike off road in Mammoth.

Dick Usewicz
Beekman N.Y.

I recieved my 2 terratrikes this morning .They are everything you said they would be .I’m having fun again Thanks for being there for me

Leo R. Comeau
Springfield MA

Just a recap on how much I am enjoying my Rover. It is running flawlessly. Well built with quality components. I cant get over the perfect welds and paint job. But the best part of purchasing the Rover from your company was your employees that I had contact with. I want to thank you Ben, Jessica, and Kelli are just the ones that I can remember. Your company is over the top with putting Customer Service first and Price second. I wish your company and employees a long and prosperous future.

Linda J. Burchett
Memphis, TN

Thanks for thinking out of the box and into the hearts and health of others!

Chris Robson


Bob Cardone
Norcross, Georgia

I have had my Rover 8 speed for about a month and have already put 400 miles on it . I am a very experienced cyclist having biked for many decades, and I have had more fun riding my new Rover than any other bike I have previously owned. Great product, great customer support, and a joy to ride. Problem is, now I am addicted to riding it.

Mr & Mrs Kirby
Lithonia, GA

The original plan was just to buy one Trike for me. Okay, we get to the store and spot a Zoomer on sale for $1549.00 with the works. Gotta have it,it’s a steal. Meanwhile my wife decides that she wants one to, but will settle for the cheaper model the Rover. Get them home, I ride mine then hers, hers then mine. For some reason the Rover felt so much easier to ride then the Zoomer. Just a few days later we took the Zoomer back exchanged it for another Rover. With the savings we bought more accessories for both bikes. I’m able to sleep at nite now. A day hasn’t gone by yet without us riding them. We love em. Get all kind of questions and smiles from everybody. It’s a great product. Thanks so much.

Randy S Green
Stinnett Texas

Recently, I was dianosed with conjestive heart failure, and will have a defibulater hard wired in a couple of weeks. I’ve had my Terratrike Cruiser for about four years now and ride it ever chance I get. That is when the outside temp is less than 100 degrees, but above 0. When the Dr ask me if I exersized, I told him that I rode a bike. He said " Dont quit". I am in good shape, and this heart thing has come as a shock to me and everyone that knows me. It’s either do a lot of walking, or buy another one for my wife so we can ride together. I like this idea better, and so does she. If you are ever in the panhandle of Texas, drop in and we will get to know one another and make a few miles.There is nothing much more healthier than riding in the fresh air, thumbing your nose at the gas stations, and not adding to the polution problem. I’m about as GREEN as I’m going to get, but the way I see it, I’ll also be a part of the solution.

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