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    I’m interested. Please contact me at
    August 20
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    August 19
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    August 17
  • Picking up my new Rambler EVO with the plus-minus feature tomorrow. First trike and first e-assist. Any tips for a newbie, and is there a break-in period (as opposed to a brake-in period),
    August 17
  • Not sure if this is ok first of all I don’t own a trike yet.. I had a friend who said I should look into these bikes. I had a tumor remove from my spine which left my leg mess up I made my mine up to look into electric bike in case I need assistance I’ll pretty sure I’ll need it. While looking at them I noticed the tires range in size and with . Is there any recommendations for a beginner ? My first day looking
    August 16
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    August 16
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    August 16
  • dwaldoch
    Here is a link to some pictures
    August 15
  • dwaldoch
    I live in the Minneapolis area.
    August 15
  • dwaldoch
    2018 TerraTrike n300 Rover Tandem
    New, only 50 miles of trail use.
    NuVinci 330 continuously variable internal hub (CVT)
    Upgrades; 26" high pressure rear wheel/tire
    IPS pedaling system on tandem
    Padded-vented seat covers

    Accessories; 2x head rest set
    Fender set
    Rear rack
    2x bar end mirrors
    2x water bottle cages
    Cell phone holder
    Safety flag

    $3000 - Not sure about shipping, would have to talk the bike shop I purchased from.
    August 15
  • FLbikegirl
    hi there, the trike is not sold yet. i have a rambuctios 3 yr old boy so i just havent had a chance to check. i will take the photos folks suggested and post this morning. pls feel free to email me at if you are still interested in checking it out. thank you
    August 15
  • I want to buy a trike but am not at this time able to get to a store to purchase one. I briefly rode a basic Rover several yrs ago in a parking lot.
    Since I can’t get to a store would buying direct from the be my best bet. I’m pretty sure a Rover with a nuvinchi (.) is my best choice. I hated fumbling with gears when I had a bike thinking the nuvinchi would be a good way to go

    I have read they ship assembled. Is that correct. How much putting together adjusting would I be needing to do before I can go riding.? I’m thinking I should also get: rack and market bags, lights with brake lights, flags, air pump, water bottle holder, chain and lock. And what else
    August 14
  • What are the much? Can it be shipped or would we need to pick up?
    August 13
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    August 12
  • Bill577, dwaldoch and Vicki joined.
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    August 11
    26" rear wheel, headrests., upgraded seat covers.
    Will sell just the Tandem unit.
    August 11
  • dwaldoch
    I have a 2 month old TerraTrike Rover Tandem for sale, just going to advertise. Live by Minneapolis Minnesota.
    August 11
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    August 9
  • Ironman.

    I'm somewhat confused on this note. I accidently found it. Still learning this forum.

    So, thanks for the invite. I am in the White mountains of AZ, at 6300 ft.

    We have used low gear, as we need it around here. We did not hear/feel it rubbing. If necessary I'll build a hanger bending tool.

    Thanks again.

    August 9
  • Had to dodge out of a New Plymouth Parade invitation due to a projected 107° F temperature. Have fun out there, Roger. Hope he fares well.
    August 9
  • Cycling Terms

    Bar - Metric pressure measuered in millibars.
    Bonk - A state of severe exhaustion caused mainly by the depletion of glycogen in the muscles. The rider did not eat or drink enough in preparation, ending up losing the ability to maintain pace. Is said to have Blown Up, or Hit The Wall.
    Fixed, Fixie - A fixed-gear bicycle.
    IGH - Internally Geared Hub
    LBS - Local Bike Shop
    LSD - Long, Steady Distance. A training technique that requires a firm aerobic pace for at least two hours.
    MAMIL - Abbreviation of Middle-Aged Men In Lycra, a popular bicycle buying demographic for high-end bicycles
    MUP - Multi-Use Pathway
    August 9
  • Presta - Narrow European-style valve found on some inner tubes. A small metal cap on its end must be unscrewed before air can enter or exit.
    PSI: Abbreviation for pounds per square inch.
    Roadie - Road cyclist
    Saddle Time - Time spent cycling.
    Schrader - Inner tube valve identical to those found on car tires. A tiny plunger in the center of its opening must be depressed for air to enter or exit.
    Swag - Promotional items often given away for free at cycling events.
    August 9
  • AZTandemPro
    Geee. I thought lbs=pounds.

    August 9
  • Welcome Aboard!
    August 8
  • Thanks for your comment. We have made three trips from Michigan to Georgia in the last year and half to ride the Silver Comet. The Silver Comet ranks right close to the top of our list of favorite trails. Additionally, I have to say that we have been very impressed with the state of Georgia over all. It is a beautiful state.

    We make two to three "destination" trips each year. This year we went to GA in February, and then SE Minnesota in April. We are considering a trip to PA next spring to focus on the Great Allegheny Passage. In between these destination trips we make many day trips all over the state of Michigan. Michigan has over 3,600 miles of Rail Trails, so there are plenty of beautiful trials from which to choose. We are leaving tomorrow for an extended weekend in Northern Lower Michigan to ride two or three days. All told, during the summer we probably average about six days of riding each month. It is an activity that my wife and I can share and totally love.
    August 8
  • Ironman1518
    Hello wondered where you lived, if close to Southern New Mexico you could bring it over, I'd be glad to help you for free. You DID buy it at a real TT dealer? They should have set it up correctly for you. You never rode it in low low gears, so you would have felt/seen the cage rubbing earlier? One thing you can do is raising the trike and put it in high/high gears, and look from behind to see that the chain-line is straight up and down. There should be a straight line thru the cassette sprocket and the two derailleur pulleys. Here is a video that might help.

    You can get by without the $75 Park tool by eyeballing it. Good luck!
    August 7
  • Welcome Aboard!
    August 6

  • Fully loaded TerraTrike Tour II GT PRO: includes computer Bontrager T, head rest, seat bag, seat wedge, rear view mirror, water bottle holder, flag. Like new condition $1,600. (orig. base price 2 yrs. ago without any accessories $2,400), low mileage, tune ups each summer, by Eddie’s and Bicycle One. Call - 419-565-2180. Location: Lexington (Mansfield), Ohio

    4130 Chromoly Steel small frame, Schimano SLX Derailleur 30 speed, Schwalbe Marathon tires, clipless pedals compatible with SPD system.
    August 5
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    August 4