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I just picked up my tour and have been riding solo. Wondering if anyone is out there riding alone or looking to ad to a group?

Let me know...... :)


  • I ride some with my wife, but her knees keep her from longer rides. I plan to ride from Windsor Heights to the ribbon cutting this weekend before heading to the office to catch up on some work. Do you live in the Des Moines area or closer to Madrid and 'the bridge'? I might also ride home from Ames on Sunday afternoon as my wife has to stay later than I do.
  • I actually live in Colfax but work in Des Moines. I've really just started riding again after quite a long hiatus but I'm eager to get back into things. Id like to ride the trail out west but haven't been that way yet. My riding schedule is a little crazy because I have no normalcy in it. My wife is going to school and I have a three year old so right now I've only got Tuesday evenings available. I'm working on getting in more weekend ride time. Usually I have my son in our trailer on weekend riding.

    Right now I'm looking for some casual riding. It.gets boring riding alone and id love some company on Tuesdays.

    Where are you from? What kind of riding do you normally do and how often do you ride?

    Driving a distance isn't usually an issue for me.
  • I live in Windsor Heights, which is part of my screen name. I ride some short flat rides with my wife. I try to get in some longer rail trail rides on the weekends. I was approaching Redfield on Saturday when I blew my tube through my tire and she had to come and pick me up as I had a spare tube, but not a spare tire. I bike commute occasionally, but a key trail bridge is out and I have not ridden to work as much this year. I also sent you a private message if you want to meet and ride this weekend. There must be a lot more Terratrike riders out there than what I have seen if Barr is #1 again. I did stop and talk with a new Rover owner last weekend when I rode around town.
  • I haven't seen any other trikes on the trails since I've started but it's only been a week so I cant get too rushed.

    I'm a HUGE fan of Barr and Dave is one of the nicest guys I've talked to when it comes to anything trikes. I went to Bike World last night and they had a used Cruiser in there for sale for $1200. I also didn't realize they were a Catrike dealer. I thought They only carried the Sun linup. They weren't NEARLY as friendly as Barr. Dave and the folks at Barr have my business, thats for sure.

    I need to get some more tools and a few accessories to help carry those tools. I've been riding without and i'm just sure one of these times, I'm going to need a spare tube and tools and wont have it.

    Im surprised there's not a trike club in Des Moines or in IA. There are tons of bike clubs but I've yet to see one specific to trikes. I think that would be a neat idea. Something to consider I suppose. :)
  • I think BikeWorld picked up the Catrike line when Irwin's went out of business because they used to have it. The other place in central Iowa that carries a lot of recumbents is The Bike Barn in Ogden, West of Boone on US 30. I referred a co-worker from Madrid there and his wife bought a trike and he bought a Bacchetta. The one time that I rode the Summerset trail, I met quite a few trikes, including Terratrikes.
  • Hello Urbandale area riders. Picked up my new Terra Trike this past week and am now outfitting it for the coming season. I'm a fit retired widower and plan to check out the new additions/extensions around central Iowa this spring. Since I'm retired, my riding schedule is pretty open and im looking for other compatable riders with the same interests. I know I'm way early, but it's a good time to get the gear and myself in shape and start making plans. If interested, please email Jerrybike.
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