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Fenders are great to have. I have found this out by riding all year with out them. Believe it or not the very next day on my way home from work they were put to the test! Yes it rained hard. I had to ride 7.4 miles in pouring rain. I thought the fenders did well. Although they could extend just a bit(about 3inch) more forward. Aside from that, I am ok with my purchase.


  • I agree that the fenders are great for keeping stuff off you, but they have a serious design flaw. The little 2mm screws that attach the stays to the fenders/brackets vibrate loose very easily and once they do the fender rattles horribly. Even with extra loctite blue on them I've had each one work loose in the past 2 months. It only takes them moving about 3 quarters of a turn before the fender starts to rattle. If it weren't for the fact that you have to take one side off to change a tire, I would just put red loctite on them and forget about it. For now I have removed the front fenders and am looking at other designs. I like the ICE trike fender design a lot. If I have to chose between occasionally getting wet or incessant rattling on every ride, I'll choose the quiet every time. BTW I am referring to the deluxe fenders, I'm not sure if the 'standard' ones attach the same way or not. I did leave the rear fender on, but that is because I'm not using the mounting brackets/stays that TT provided. With winter on it's way, I would have ended up removing them anyway to keep them from clogging with snow/slush.
  • :D I still can't get your trike outta my mind. Loved thosse fenders. LOl. If my rich uncle ever gets outta the poor house I'm thinking about getting a Nuvinci Hub for mine that way I'll have a path infinity. lol.
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