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I don't usually make any introduction--I just jump in and start posting.

Something about this place and the associated activity made me change my habits; so...

I'm John, 53 years old. Married to Susan 28 years; we have three children. We live in Albuquerque, NM. I'm an engineer, Susie is a pharmacist. I'm typical middle class US American, too long behind a desk. Susie and I went to Utah Trikes (a six hundred mile overnight dash) and bought two (of the last remaining) Cruisers October 7, 2011. I've accessorized with flags, mirrors, lights, luggage rack and bag, 26in rear tires and Schwalbe Marathon 2 tires (direct from TerraTrike).

The goal is better health. I'm an amateur radio operator (AE5RY) and we do a lot of public service activities. In particular we provide across the course radio communication (and some SAG) for 25, 50 & 100 mile bicycle tours: Tour de Cure, Santa Fe Century, Tour of the Rio Grande Valley, etc. (We do running and walking event too. On those sections using 'multi-purpose trails (no engines) we use bike mobile stations) Normally I ride in one of the SAG vehicles or man a rest stop. I want to ride in one of these events next summer (2012) as both participant and radio guy. I was 'challenged', at this year’s Tour of the Rio Grande Valley event by a pretty young racer named Julie (whose married to some other DF racer) to lose a hundred pounds and join in the fun (ASAP). She said, "I would be better for the effort!"

In the forty-two days since Susie and I returned home from Payson/SLC UT with our trikes I have ridden every day except two. I started at two miles and for the last 5 days I've been doing 12-14 miles in about an hour and twenty or thirty minutes. Mostly it's just lots of starts and stops with some rolling hills (2-4% grade) going round and round the residential neighborhood where I live. I've lost twenty pounds.

That's my story. God willing and luck holding it will be continuing.


Along the daily ride I wave at folks, offer good morning or good afternoon greetings and do a lot of heavy breathing. Most folks wave and return greetings. As I've gone over the same general route day after day some have become regular exchanges. Now people are starting to ask questions: "What is that thing?", "Is it comfortable?", "Is it fun?". I try to stop and answer but my overriding goal is continuous exercise, so as you see I've got a problem.

I don't usually advertise for anyone-no logos, no branded t-shirts, just plain jeans and polo shirts from a big box discounter. Old man shoes from the comfort shop. But I try to be friendly and polite inquiry is never met with rudeness.

The new model year has started and soon TerraTrike/WizWheelz will have a new catalog. I bet company customer service representatives have business cards. Send me 25 or so catalogs and a similar sized stack of business cards with phone numbers and URLs. I'll carry a few with me each ride and hand them to people who express an interest in actually making a change in their life. I'll give them one of my cards too, just in case they want a closer look at my Cruiser. Then I can drive away without too much interruption of my exercise routine. You have my address on this recent order:

ORDER DATE: 11/11/2011 INVOICE # 11111108

Well, be safe, stay bent!



  • Consider them sent!
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • Thanks-package arrived in good shape :!: . Bad weather over the weekend-I rode in 40-80 mph wind on Friday but not in the snow that followed (wrong tires)--surprisingly nobody else wanted to brave the flying stones, pine needles and other debris-wimps! :lol: Getting back on the Cruiser in the morning regardless. :D
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