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Has anyone here installed the Utah Trikes Zoomer handlebar modification on their Cruiser?
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If so,
1. What was the result? Did it work as you hoped?
2. Was the resulting height of the horizontal portion of the new handlebar sufficient so as to not interfere with turning and/or to keep your hands hitting the tires? (what size tires were you using - what worked and what didn't?)
3. Tried it with front fenders?
4. Any regrets? Installed and removed or still installed? Would you do it over again?


Reason for asking: Dad REALLY likes the Rover/Rambler/Zoomer's "horizontal" hand position on the handlebars but the Cruiser's handlebar hand position is 90 degrees off from that. Also, when riding the Cruiser, he drags his thumb against on his pants leg, something the higher hand position on the Rover precludes. If the Zoomer handlebar mod works on a Cruiser, it saves us from having to sell BOTH the Rover and Cruiser in order to buy a 24/27 speed Rambler or used Zoomer - along with the associated "wait" for the new trike and the hassle of THREE sales instead of just 1.
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  • E-mail someone at Terratrike and ask if the zoomer handlebars will work with your Dad's trike. I have the old style zoomer with the vertical handlebars (sticks) and didn't like them so I called Terratrike and they sold me the real zoomer new style handlebars for about the same price. The Terratrike handlebars are one piece, which I like. The only thing is you'll probably have to get longer brake cables for the upgrade, but it's so worth it.
  • Thanks for the thought, but they are compeltely different designs. and are not interchangeable as you can see looking at pictures of the Zoomer and Cruiser.

    I have ordered the UT handlebar mods and we'll see how that works.
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    TT Rover (Dad)
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  • Received and installed the UT Zoomer handlebar mod today. Each side of the modification is actually two pieces - a simple 6-inch aluminum "pipe" and a bar-end clamp to hold the "pipe". Nothing fancy, just functional. Took about 10 minutes to install... but.

    To actually complete the installation, we have to replace 4 cables - both brake cables and both derailleur cables as the stock cabling is too short for this mod. That'll be done tomorrow.

    Dad sat down and tested the new hand position and seems to like it much more than the vertical grip position standard on the Cruiser. Of course, that's without actually riding it and testing the steering. We'll see.

    If you want to see a pic of the modification installed.. go here: http://www.utahtrikes.com/uploads/utupg ... mer011.jpg
    That's UT's pic of the installation on a Zoomer. Doesn't look any different on the Cruiser.

    Hand clearance over the tires could be a concern if you have big hands, long fingers or rotate the brake levers too far downward. We're going to deal with the issue by installing front fenders which should prevent any chance of finger rub on the tires.

    While I think the mod is a bit over-priced (and, honestly, what trike accessory isn't at least a bit over-priced rgardless of manufacturer/reseller?), if it saves us from having to sell the Cruiser just to turn around and buy a Rambler due to Dad's preference for this handlebar position, it's worth the $49 (incl shipping) + cost of the new cables.

    Personally, I preferred the standard hand position. Shrug. To each his own.
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