Just got a Path 8...

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...and loving it so far.

This is my first tadpole trike experience, FWIW. (I rode a Rover 8, this Path 8, and a Cruiser at the dealer on Thursday, decided I didn't want the Rover's height, and I wanted the internal hub, so Path it was, and I bought it yesterday.)

Took it for its first ride this morning, a short ride of a couple miles or so. (The street parts were a bit scary without a flag (I've gotta send off for that and the bag) or any mirrors (couldn't find my Third Eye mirror, and I'll be buying a Mirrycle or two).)

Had to tension the chain some more than the dealer did - 1st-gear mashing to try to get up a hill was causing the chain to jump. (I'm way out of shape, so mashing it in 1st was expected, and this is a little better than my old 1985 Schwinn World's 1-1 for climbing hills...) I think I've got it all taken care of now, though, and the wheel aligned properly.

Definitely want to get better tires, at least eventually - the 40 PSI CST tires are weaksauce.

Need to accumulate accessories for it - my employer actually will pay me for that, though, which is great. (I do plan on commuting with it, potentially even in inclement weather that I wouldn't ride a bike in - it's about 6 miles on a cycling-friendly route, IIRC.)

Handling took a little getting used to - more skittish than I expected, actually, but not too bad once I knew what it was going to do. I was thinking about getting the steering upgrade, but now that I've actually ridden it for more than just in the dealer's showroom, I think that's completely unnecessary.

Just thought I'd go ahead and post up my first real ride experiences.

2011 TerraTrike Path 8 | bone stock for now...


  • You mentioned getting tire upgrades...I am very pleased with the Marathon tires, that I run at about 100psi to get as little rolling resistance as possible, to increase coasting distances. They are available from Terra Trikes. But that does give a harsh ride to my Rover...if I was going over rough pavement, or even many expansion cracks, I would lower the presure somewhat. What I did struggle with for quite some time were tubes. Even though the Marathons have a kevlar belt, I live in a very thorny area, and was getting countless flats. I finally switched out to heavy slime tubes: Said to be 5x normal thickness and already have slime inside. A real b*tch to install, but it's been multiple weeks and no flats, or even any softening from the original inflation. I got them from my local REI store. Good luck with commuting! I did so on a bike many years...a set of panniers and decent lights made all the difference for me.

    Paul H
  • Yup, I already have some lights and a pannier, and I'll need to get TerraTrike's rack and some more lights.

    How squirrely does the handling get with 100 psi Marathons over expansion cracks? My own road has a few huge ones, and I did notice that when I hit one with the CSTs, the whole trike seemed like it wanted to jump sideways a little.
    2011 TerraTrike Path 8 | bone stock for now...
  • I haven't hit expansion cracks at speed, as most of my riding is on macadam. It does bounce me a bit when I hit a lip or bump to a driveway or curb cutout. I imagine that at speed, fully inflated, you might "get a smidgen of air" as you bounce up...which means for a brief moment you have no traction. How this works in reality I will leave to those who have experienced it. Other tires that I've read of are larger with a slightly lower pressure, which may be a better choice in your case. Search posts for Schwalbe big apple tires...listed at utahtrikes as having a suspension due to their larger diameter.
  • Hrm, the Big Apples apparently aren't compatible with fenders, though, and I think fenders will be necessary.

    Maybe the Marathon 47-406 (20x1.75), instead of the normal 40-406 (20x1.50), would work well? They're only rated for 70 PSI in that size, though.
    2011 TerraTrike Path 8 | bone stock for now...
  • Congrats to you. U will really enjoy it when the weather gets warm again. Lights r a very good thing the more the better! I would like to recommend a yak trailer, mine has been worth every penny I paid for it. Fenders r also a good thing. Welcome to the path family. Have fun, get heathy, enjoy the view, and use the money u save on gas for upgrades!!
  • You may wish to consider a Purple Sky Flag (mine is a large), and two mirrors are better than one.

    You *could* put one Big Apple 20X2.00 on the back without fender issues. Some of us would rather deal with Fender issues and put our BAs all around - they are so comfy, and fast~! Many people have found a two-wheeled trailer to work better with trikes. A Wike DIY trailer kit allows you to build the trailer the size *you* want it to be! Just a thought or two :) Congrats on your new ride~!!



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  • Hey Pete you did it I love mine.
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