Riding in January!-

edited February 2012 in Tour II
Went for a really nice ride to work. If that is possible? One might think this guy is nuts, but the ride home was even better it was 48!!! Not 28 (burr) . Made the choice to start riding sooner this year.
Ride safe my friends. Turn on ur lights @ night, use ur flags and wear ur helmet. Most of all get out! Ride it is the only way u can wear out ur trike so u can go get another one.

Your friend, path69


  • I don't think it's nuts, but then I was riding in below 0 temps in the snow last week, so maybe I wouldn't be a good one to ask. lol
  • Holy Cow thats dedication! What did you do apply ski's to your wheels! Don't hate me because I like in sunny California :lol: . We have it so tough out on the coast :P .
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