Deluxe rear fender stays not fitting on Path?

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I just got a deluxe rear fender set from my local dealer, and the rear brackets look like they can't possibly fit on the Path's mounts - the holes are about 5 mm too far apart!

It looks like if I ovalled the holes out, I could get it to mount on the seat stay and one of the fender mount holes.

Is that the acceptable course of action, or do I somehow have the wrong brackets for a Path (I didn't think there was any difference even)?
2011 TerraTrike Path 8 | bone stock for now...


  • Think I might have it figured out - front hole of the bracket, rear hole of the trike, only using one bolt per side, and using the front bracket to try to space it away from the tire.
    2011 TerraTrike Path 8 | bone stock for now...
  • Holler if you need any more help. We have techs here to walk you through this stuff.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • Got them on, thanks. Front holes of fender stays on the rear holes of the trike, rack on the front holes, and tension the chain JUUUUUST right, and everything just clears. With 20x1.5 tires, it'll be even better.
    2011 TerraTrike Path 8 | bone stock for now...
  • I got the deluxe fenders for my Rambler, everything went on with out a hitch except the stand off spacer for the rear fender. It attaches to the main frame and was only 2" and the distance between the frame and the fender is 4". I ended up making my own stand off with a piece of dowel. Works good but I thought the kit should have fit.
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