New to Trikes, frightened of Southern roads

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Hello all! I just ordered my 1st TerraTrike, a Path 3, from the garage sale (Thanks, Kelli :) ).
My primary concern is safety and since I will be riding this trike primarily on roads with cars (no suitable bike paths here). I would like to hear your experiences and get some advice. What frightens me most is that down here in Louisiana people like SUVs and jacked-up trucks, and I will be sitting 9.5 inches off the ground. Some are also as a general rule not courteous to cyclists. I bought lights, a mirror for the left side, and the TerraTrike flag for my Path, but I want to be EXTRA sure I do not end up as roadkill :!: . What else can I do to ride safely in a relatively non-bike-friendly area?


  • You might want to post this on the "General Discussions" and the "Accessories" page as well to get the most feedback.
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  • Congrats on your new trike.

    I wear a windbreaker from Alert shirt. It is fluorescent with reflective stripes.

    My helmet is also fluorescent.

    Today I bought a reflective net vest for warm weather at the LBS. I have 4 flags, extra reflectors on my spokes, and reflective tape on my helmet.

    I'm thinking about reflective shoe laces.

    From the LBS I have a giant reflector triangle and flashing red light on the back of my trike.


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  • Thanks for the websites :). I'm happy to see that has some safety items made in USA. Reflective tape and stickers will be good for me to have, especially since my helmet is solid black. More flags would help, too. I will look into adding more visibility gear after the trike comes in.

    I think I will stick to low traffic neighborhood roads while I'm testing it out, adding gear, and until I'm more comfortable with riding the Trike in more trafficked areas.
  • Don't ride on the shoulder - take the lane, and give yourself some room to the right. This does two things:

    #1, it makes you a more visible "part of traffic", so people are more likely to notice you
    #2, it gives you room on the right to dodge someone who doesn't see you

    However, it is best to stick to lower traffic roads when practical.
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  • Hello
    My name is Richard( path69 ). I have a path 8 spd and love it. In my first year I have ridden 2,338 miles on it. Nothing has failed, nothing at all !!! As far as safety features go I put a strobe light on a post above my head mounted on the rack. Wired to a small battery under the seat. If u need help doing this I can send u pictures of mine?
  • I never rode around where you are, but ran into some anti-cycling types when riding in the countryside outside Atlanta many years back...which surprised me as I was used to riding in relatively bike friendly CA.

    Making yourself more visible, and when there is no shoulder taking the lane, are both proven techniques for 2 wheeled bikes...although taking the full lane, while safer for the moment, will tick off those who think bikes and trikes have no place out there anyway. But I'd rather annoy someone than have them accidently brush me off the road.

    What I would suggest is a second rear view mirror. I got a stick-on convex auto wide view mirror to put over my right give me a very wide view to the rear. That way, there is less chance you will be overtaken unawares. (Caution: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. :})

    Paul H
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