My Rover and I and maybe you too/two

edited February 2012 in New York
Brewster to Millwood, thats our trek, (my Rover and I,) heard there may be another Rover/rider on the same trail, as it was mentioned in a trail review article, after the bad storms of Sept. 2011. Its a great trail to ride, the old Putnam railway closed in 1958 :mrgreen: and now it is called
The North Country Trailway in Putnam and
Westchester counties all are welcome
Happy Trikings !


  • Trikings, were is Brewster? near the Big City? I live south of Buffalo..Thanks DynoDon
  • :D Dynodon Brewster NY is about 50 miles north of NYC
    on the east side of the Hudson river and on the southeast corner of Putnam county, right next to Danbury CT. and just above Westchester county
    where the town of Millwood NY is.
    (As you can see quite far from Buffalo)
    I am as new as you are to recumbent Triking with a little bit more than 200 miles on my Rover and I have yet to see another trike at all, a few 2 wheel
    recumbents but thats it.
    Good Luck to you in the Buffalo area, PS
    I am thinking of doing this tour this July, check it out for you.
    It may helpfind some trikers to ride with.
    Happy Trikings !
  • hi all just got my rover 8 speed 4 weeks ago and i love it. i live in stamford CT and ride every chance i get. i drive down to nyc and cruise the city as well. the weather is perfect for it. if you want to meet up in nyc let me know. 8-)
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