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Hi to all,
Everything seems to check out on this Path/8speed hub gears. However,I have one main question that regards where the boom meets the main frame on this Trike. There is a 1/4" section that looks like the boom has been slid forward. The boom is slid forward far enough so that you can see a bit of the frames inner tubing that the boom slides onto. My main concerns are will this weaken the frame now or over time,should the present boom be loosened up and slid back to the main frame?

Thanks to all


  • First ? Is how tall are u?the boom may have been moved to suit ur height? Or the bolts may be loose? I have a path 8spd my self and I love it!!! Enjoy ur trike,be a safe rider, also enjoy the ?'s that people ask u about ur trike.
  • The Path boom is NOT adjustable! You should not see any of the frame. Definitely slide it back so the boom and frame are touching.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • Thank you to all whom replied to this post so far,much appreciated.

    My height is 6-1~6'-2" I got this Path trike as is (no fittings or such have been done) used,and love it! The boom on this trike Is medium length, and as stated is 1/4" forward of the main frame. The previous owner is shorter than me 5-8~5'-10" and,heavier as well. There appears to be no irregularities, sags, bends one way or the other in the frame. On another note, can anyone tell me or tell me what site to go to etc. that explains and/or illustrates the proper way to fit a trike to a persons height,weight etc.

    Thank you
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