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Hey all I just got my Rambler. I'm very happy with this purchase which is part of my "choose life" healthy living plan. I won't go all into it but basically I needed to change my lifestyle in numerous ways for health reasons. I let my parents ride it and now they are looking into a tandem. My nephew is begging his dad for one. It looks like I started something in the family. It would be nice to have someone to ride around with I must admit. Sorry my camera is fried so I can't post any pics yet. Still waiting on some accessories to arrive as well. The delux fenders are on back order. I gotta give a shout out to Spin Cycles in Grants Pass OR. Those guys are a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended.


  • Welcome!!

    I got my Rover in October and love it. If you have any questions, this is a great place to ask them. People are so nice and helpful here.

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  • I got mine a few weeks ago and have about 200 miles. not bad considering Nebraska in February. Got the Deluxe fenders and 100psi tires, couldn't be happier. Used my old Garmin GPS instead of a computer, works great! I got the internal 8, could use a little more top end, looking in to a 42 tooth crank instead of the 32. I think it will be a lot better and not compromise the low end for climbing hills.
  • have only had mine a few weeks. been tweeking it and adding a computer and a flag.
  • Hi. My wife bought a Rambler from SpinCycles yesterday. I have an ICE. We live in Ashland and are members of Siskiyou Velo Bicycle Club with a 348 membership. Click on siskiyouvelo.org.

    I've been collecting email addresses from other trike owners in the Rogue Valley with the intention of having an occasional ride together. I tried it a couple times but each time got rained out. I now have 18 trike owner names. If you'd like to be on the list, let me know.

    I lead a Saturday morning ride called VeloSlo-Mo which starts usually in Medford environs--sometimes in Gold Hill and Eagle Point. We also occasionally start a ride at your Sports Park. Slo-Mo rides range from 12 to 20 miles with an average speed of 10 mph. We always stop for a cuppa. Usually 8 to 15 riders show up--three are on trikes. If you'd like to be added to this list let me know. I send an email out Thursdays telling about the coming Saturday ride.

    I hope we cross paths. Please let me know if you're interested in my offerings.

    Phil Gagnon <!-- e --><a href="mailto:star@mind.net">star@mind.net</a><!-- e -->
  • Hey, Phil, it's so good to see your first post here! Welcome to the family. Thanks so much for reaching out to get in touch with other TT riding companions.

    About finding others to ride with..
    Why don't you post that part of your message in the indicated State folder of the main *Riding Groups* folder on this Forum?

    Then.. do you know about the treasure under the *My TerraTrike* button above -- the Rider Map you'll find there? That's a great place to look for other owners in your area. And be sure to post your information there so others can find you.
  • Hi, again. Your Rambler rear rack is what I'm looking for. Please describe your rack model. Because the seat needs to be removed to get the trike in the car, how easy is the rack to detach from the seat? And, how expensive is it?
    Phil in Ashland
  • telios. it came with the bike when i purchased it. i believe it was about $100. It is not really easy to pull it on and off. i am really lucky in that i have a good size suv that i can put my wifes speed and my terra trike in without removing anything but the flags.
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