Sharing the excitement - His n Hers Ramblers!

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Just got word that the UPS man delivered our Ramblers to the U-man Power trikeshop in Townsend, TN!

We are hoping these recumbents will encourage us in healthy exercise without discouraging joint pain.

Our trikes should be ready by Sunday morning.

I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas.

Any tips for out of shape middle aged rookies welcome.



  • i just got my rambler monday the more i ride it i like it cant wait each day to get up an ride it i get off work go for another ride its so much fun cant get enough in california kenny
  • Hi K4bee,
    That is super!!
    I'll bet you will have lots of wonderful weather there in California to enjoy it all year round.
    Post a picture of you and your Rambler if you have time.
  • We picked up our Ramblers in beautiful Townsend, TN at the base of the Smokie Mountains. The folks at U-man power were very patient in tweaking the boom & seat positions. Then we took off for a lovely 3 mile ride. Michael did have trouble going up hills as it appeared the chain would slip a cog when he was in gear 1 and applying great pressure to make it up the hill. Lots of fun regardless.
    We were able to fit our Ramblers into our Prius's and head home. It was nice to have them locked in the vehicles, while we ran worries re. theft.
    When we got home we rode a bit on our nice flat street...but my right brake lever has malfunctioned and I shall have to read up how to fix it. We will take the Ramblers back to the bike shop next weekend to address the gear 1 issue and the brake, as well, will have some fenders installed. All in all, we are pleased.
  • What speed does your ramblers have? I have the 8 speed and i am having a learning curve! Only been on two rides so far.
  • photo
  • They are 8 Speed. This is in Townsend, TN along Lamar Alexander Parkway where there is a nice bike path.
  • Looks great! I have an orange one and my sister got the green one also. Weather has just been great for riding.
  • Sharing the frustration.
    Michael's Rambler continued to have the sense of slipping a cog when going up hill. So we had the dealer put an idler on, assuming that would create the right tension on the chain. Tonight the whole thing locked up.
    Meanwhile my brakes still are malfunctioning. We have tried to be patient, but I think we got lemons. I would like to ask Terra Trike for a refund. However, I just looked at their policy and it looks like they only let you send back <30 days. I think we took delivery March 23, today is May 1. Problem is, we never got to use them for 30 days...they have been malfunctioning so much. (See my first post) Ugh. We wanted this to work so much! We have spent over $3000 for these two trikes.
  • Hopefully the chain issue is something with the idler and not the hub, but at least that should still be under warranty.
    I was having brake issues, but with the caliper, not the lever. I may have overlooked it, but didn't see what the exact problem is. If you post it here or on BROL, I'm sure someone could help out with that.
  • Quick side note...make sure you are NOT shifting while pedaling. This will cause the slippage that you are describing. That being said, if you are shifting correctly, give us a call and talk to one of the techs. We'd be happy to help you out if you need something.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • Nice looking trikes, and smart that you got different colors! BUT, your pedals appear to be PowerGrips, no clips (from what I can see.)

    Please be sure to get something to fasten your feet to them, as you don't want to have a foot slip off and run over your own leg (called leg suck.)

    Other than that, enjoy them!

    Paul H
  • Thanks for the tips on preventing leg injury.
    Once we get our Ramblers functioning, we will look into those clip things.

    Our local dealer checked over hubby's Rambler, and found that the "bottom bracket had backed out." So evidently that was the issue. He has apparently fixed it.

    The brake problem on my rambler was 2 different problems: the right grip thingy apparently was faulty and it would just pop, and do nothing to move the cable, the left brake the pads would constantly shift out of alignment. Terratrike has been great and has sent the local dealer new brakes. The local dealer said he would work on it today. He said he also needed to check something called king pins.
    Hopefully we will have both Ramblers back, fully functional tomorrow. When they are working, they are a pleasure to ride.
  • We got our trikes back.
    Hubby's Rambler is now working well. The bottom bracket is now fine.

    We were able to go on a 10 mile community bike ride Sunday.

    My Rambler's right brake was replaced. Works great.

    My Ramblers left brake sqeaked and dragged like a banshee.
    It took some of the joy out of the community bike ride.
    Dealer tried to tweak it. Limited success.
    Defeated. I took it home.
    Tonight after work rode it a little, squealing all the way. Then took it into my basement where I could study it with good lighting.
    I believe I have successfully adjusted the left brake. I had to loosen the tiny screw on the cable and give it a little more slack, then tighten it down again.
    I must say there is nothing so satisfying as the sound of a freely twirling wheel, that crisply stops when the brake is applied. Like the sound of a sharp knife slicing an apple onto a wooden block.
    I had no idea I would learn so much about trike repair.
    Lets hope those are the last repairs we need to we can get back to triking for health and fitness.
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