X-RF8 adjustment

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Hey all. First time on the forum, but a long-time TerraTrike owner. My Tour of 5 years was stolen July 2011. I replaced it with the new Rambler, which arrived in October. I got a few rides in before the weather shut me out. It was great and I really loved the X-RF8 hub. In Feb of this year my new Rambler was stolen off my back patio where I stored it for the winter. I got it back within 48 hours (with the help of a good samaritan) but the thieves had "rode it hard". The weather is better and I've been riding a couple of times a week. I've had to repair and adjust a few things, though.

Here's the problem I am trying to deal with now: the gears no longer shift smoothly and the middle gears seem to have trouble deciding which gear to be. I haven't had the pleasure of working on an internal hub before so I'm unsure how to fix the gear problem. The local bike shop is no help, either.

Can anybody give me some pointers? I don't want to just start tweaking the cable and find out I've screwed things up worse.


  • I found the video for the hub adjustment and so my problem is solved. Thanks TerreTrike.
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