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I just got my ramble a couple of weeks ago. haven't pushed really hard for a ride yet. my longest so far has been about 5 miles. looking forward to longer rides. Question what is the longest ride you have made on a rambler? And how was it?


  • I've had my Rambler for a month now. I have ridden 69 miles in that time, My longest ride so far was 12 miles. I took it kind of easy the first week or so. Longer rides in my future for sure.

  • did16.5 today. my first longest ride. hit 31 mph down a steep hill. got a little shaky and applied the brakes..this thing not meant for that kind of speed i think! gonna be a litte while before my next ride though! :)
  • WOW. 31 mph going down hill! I live on a pretty steep hill and I ride down to get to the beginning of the bike trails that are at the bottom of the hill. Brakes on slightly all the way down. Windy here in Iowa this afternoon and looking like rain so I opted out of riding. Wish I would have gone earlier though as no rain yet. Enjoy the ride next time you get to go.

  • I've had my Rambler Elite for about 3 weeks now. logged in 143 miles so far, longest ride was 51 miles.
    Its a great ride not having numb hands anymore or sore elbows when done!
    As has been posted,...I hit 26 MPH at one point and was glad there were good brakes to put to work! Got a little squirrelly!!
  • Kinda late reply, but I bought mine in May and road 513 miles in the Ragbrai in late July. longest day was 84 mi. Trike was great!
  • man i feel like a rookie compared to some of you guys..rode 8 miles today..being overweight doesn't help..sound like a freight train all the huffin and puffin!! :(
  • About 50 miles! And that amazes me. During the week I ride 5-15 miles 2-3 times and then I try to get in at least one 20+ mile ride on the weekend. If I am lucky I get the chance to ride more. This surely must be an addiction!

    But, when I started the middle of June, I only rode 2-3 miles and I thought that was a lot!
  • I bought my Rambler three weeks ago and I've been on it every day since then. Longest ride about 25 miles - not sure. I guestimate that I've put in about 250-300 miles so far.
  • Yesterday was my longest, 11.8 miles. Had it for a week now and the odometer now reads 56 miles. My fastest has been 23 mph. it must have been real squirrely at 30+!
    I have never ridden a more comfortable machine with a set of pedals. Many years ago when I had my mountain style bike, a ride of 16 miles (road miles) all most had me in traction, much to my sons amusement! Even though my wife calls it a deformed wheelchair, I wouldn't trade it for ANY type of two wheeler.
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