IPS chain rub on big chainring

edited April 2013 in Tandem
We have a TerraTrike tandem that we bought used, and it has the wonderful Independent Pedaling System. It's great except that the top of the chain rubs the front derailleur cage when we are using the big chainring. Its pretty annoying. Has anyone else run into this, and how did you resolve it? And if you have an IPS-equipped tandem but don't have this issue, what kind of front derailleur do you have?


  • We have IPS on our Rover Tandem, and don't have the problem because we put our big chainring at the stoker position. We also added an 8 speed rear derailleur to go with our BionX SL350 electric assist, and no front derailleur. (8 speeds is plenty with a 350 watt motor helping us up hills.)
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