2 New Ramblers

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I picked up 2 brand new Rambler 8i TerraTrikes last Friday afternoon at R&M Cyclery in Springfield, IL (Special kudos to Nik...Thanks!!!). Background info here...I treated myself to the Trikes on my 60th birthday after being an on and off bicycle fan for most of my life. I haven't been hardcore at all. Just some easier trails and a bit of road riding on general purpose mountain-style bikes. But the TerraTrike was to be a new experience for me.

We didn't wait long to get them out for a check out. I'd planned on a bit of a road test Saturday morning. But instead we checked out a local Rails to Trails trail though I had little in the line of optimism that the Rambler would handle the gravel and crushed limestone very well...especially since it gets a bit deep at points along the trail.

I started out on a paved part of the trail and was pretty well impressed. Speed was about what I'd expected. Up hills was slow...but again what I'd expected. But I was able to move along at about the same speed as I do on 2 wheels otherwise...and I was a LOT more comfortable doing so. So Saturday's ride extended out into some of the actual trail area...and went very well. So well, in fact, that we were back on the trail first thing Sunday morning. Before the end of the weekend we completed 25 miles on the new TerraTrikes and were really looking for more. It was just time to take care of some weekend chores I'd put off to do my trike test. Getting home was almost a downer! It was sad to get out of the trike seat. A major change from anxiously awaiting the chance to climb off my uncomfortable bike seat after a 25 mile ride.

In short...a very happy buyer here. I still hope to spend some of my riding time on two wheels but the comfort of the seat, less wind resistance here in the WINDY prairies, and not losing feeling in my hands and wrists from leaning on the handlebars means I'll likely be spending more time on three wheels than two!

Great to be part of the community!!!


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