big foot!!!!

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Not the! My tour II pro came with clipless pedals. Problem is i wear a 13 EEEEE shoe.....Yep...5E wide. I would prefer the clipless but they don't make shoes in my size. I installed Bontrager King Earls with extenders. At least they fit and they are very grippy. If anyone knows where sasquach gets it's shoes, let me know.

On a happier trike was an excellent choice for me. It's an awsome machine!


  • On a side note...this is the Tour forum. You'll want to put your posts under the Tour II forum. You'll get more specific replies to your comments.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • hay big foot u dont have a problem, I wear a size 16 wide and u can get shoes for ur size how wide Im not sure . good luck
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