Just bought a used Path

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Hi to all,
As the subject line reads,and have had this Path @ 3 weeks now. At this point I have now started a going thru of all the parts and components greasing this,oiling that, changing this part and getting everything up to speed. The only problem I have run into so far is the right hub will not come off of the axle/hub carrier. The left hub/tire slid right off the axle/hub carrier as It should after removeing the caliper and the lugnut. I gave the problem right hub a few light strikes around the rim and tire to hopefully jar it loose to slide the hub off the axle.No luck. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? A wheel puller...? a big hammer(laughing)

Thank you to all


  • 8-) Use try taking it to a local bike shop and have them do it. Or you could greasing the thing. I don't really know I bought mine new. do you mean the bolts that hold the wheel to the trike? Those you may have to cuss the trike that almost always works with me.
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