Chain skip on lowest gear under load

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Hi, I've have my Tour for about a year now, it has about 400 plus miles on it, and it's had an intermittent problem with the chain skipping, when I hit steep hills. (12-15% grade) The trike generally carries about 260 lbs with panniers and myself.
I've had the derailleurs adjusted recently, I clean the chain, derailleurs and idlers often (I ride in dusty and often sandy areas) and the chain still skips on the granny gear when hill climbing. It used to shift to a higher gear on me as well, but now it seems to just skip.
Was wondering as well, if this was a common problem with long chains?

Thanks for your help!


  • I had the same problem with mine while riding on gravel or dirt in the lowest gear until I made adjustments to the Rear Derailleur. There are a couple of great videos on you tube on how to properly adjust the shimano click shift that comes with the Tour. I now have about 2500 miles on my Tour, do regular maintenance and still riding smoothly. I was told that at some point my chain may stretch but have not had to remove any links as of yet..
    Enjoy the ride.
  • Thanks for your reply! Finally got it fixed, it turned out my rear wheel was out of alignment because of the skewer and causing the derailleur to be just enough out of whack to overhang a bit, hence the chain rubbing against the gear and lifting over to the next gear. Hard to describe, but there it is. It's working great, now. I'm glad I have a lot more miles to go before replacing the chain. I hope it doesn't give me any more trouble, I'm trying to increase my distance and endurance for longer trips.
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