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hello everybody I have a base model rambler with the derailers, I have tried to mount a bottle cage to the supplied mount on the boom, but have a problem with the chain rubbing on it. Even using the extension. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do about it. I finaly put a cage on the seat strut.


  • I had the same exact problem myself. Another issue I had is some excess belly fat made it interesting to reach the bottle. So I came up with a prototype fix to the problem.

    This solution keeps the chain off the bottle cage and makes it easier to reach the bottle. It may not be crystal clear in the pictures, but the chain isn't even close to the bracket or cage.

    The angle is 1.5" aluminum that is about 1/8" thick. Can't be more specific than that because it was scrap that was laying around the shop.

    Be nice to find a really nice polished cast aluminum bracket like this in production form.

  • I like your improvisation, though I hope you consider rounding those corners. I'd hate to have my crotch get hooked on that bracket in an 'incident'.
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