Using 20 x 1.75 tires on 20 x 1.25 rims

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My TerraTrike tour came with 20 x 1.25 tires. I was curious if there are any issues with putting 20 x 1.75 tires on those rims? Would that destroy the rim, and/or lower performance? It's a pain to find 20 x 1.25 inner tubes locally. I can find 20 x 1.75 inner tubes locally no problem. Would this be an issue? Thanks.


  • Eleven days and you haven't had an answer yet, so I'll chime in.

    It's my understanding, based on past practice, that wheels will support a range of tire widths. How far you can go is hard to tell, but 1.75 isn't a big jump.

    Tubes have even more latitude and most are spec'd for a range of widths. They simply blow up like a balloon to match the tire inside.
  • I put a 20x2.15 Bell Platinum Series BMX Bike Tire on my rear wheel with no problem at all.
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