Mirror Location on Rover

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Just picked up my new Rover and have gone on two rides so far. LOVE IT. :D :D :D

But I do have a bit of an issue with a bar-end Mirror on the left side. It's just sort of too low to look into attached to the end of the handlebars.
Has anyone tried attaching to other spot? How about the left wheel fender? Will try to increase the height of the accessory bar perhaps to get it up and over the handle bar?

Not really sure, it just seems awkward to look down with my whole head and then into the mirror, instead up having my eyes forward and glancing into the mirror.

Will post photos of our Rover once I can find a tripod or friend to take photos.

Thanks, ya'll.


  • Hey, Milwaukee Man! It's great to hear you and your Rover finally hooked up for some long-awaited ride time.

    I think the mirror placement is just something to get used to. Kind of like driving a truck or pulling a U-Haul and having to use only outside rear view mirrors. You could get one of those tiny mirrors that mount on your eyewear or helmet. With those you don't turn your head to see behind you. But with a larger, bike-mounted mirror, I don't know where you could mount it any better than the Mirrycle mirror on the end of the handlebar. I think you'll find that on the trike you don't have to often check your mirrors, anyway. So a head turn to look, check and turn back-- well, that serves to keep you alert and snap you back from the exhilirating bliss to the mundane cares of riding safety. :D Back to you.
  • One option would be adding bar ends and then putting the mirrors on those. I added the bar ends first for extra grip positions and when it came time for the mirrors, I found my hands in the alternate positions blocked the mirrors, so this was my easiest option. Admittedly, it looks a little (or a lot) goofy; but they don't any width this way and are mounted higher, closer to the line of sight.
    The bar ends are Boxers by Profile Design, but most will work the same way.
  • I like the idea of the bar ends in order to fix the mirrors, but never tried it. But now I'll surely try it, because I found it as one of the easiest method.

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  • Has anyone tried a helmet mounted mirror, like the Monkey Mirror? Would be a lot less problems if it works.

  • http://www.bentrideronline.com/messageb ... key+mirror

    On bentrider there were just some reviews of helmet mounted mirrors. I put the link above.

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