Mounting a GPS - Newbie to TT Rambler

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My wife and i order two new Ramblers from Amlings Cycle in Niles, Illinois yesterday. Of course fitness is a driving factor, however I would like to use the Rambler in my other hobby, Geocaching.

As such, I need to mount a Garmin Montana GPSr on the Rambler. On my two wheeler, I use a RAM handle bar mount (NAMT-9-7800) like in the picture with a four inch arm. I think I can get up to 7 or 8 inch. Because of the size of the GPSr, putting it on the Ramblers handlebars is impractical. The dealer showed us a little t-mount that gave about and inch to an inch and a half on the t for mounting like this, but when we got home we noticed it was not on our order. Too much longer, it hits our legs (they had a biger aftermarket one there), too short and not enough for the mount to grip. They are closed today so i went to their website and TT and can't find it. It mounts between your calves on the forward bar to the pedals and is a little black rectangle with two screws in it. This is where it mounted to.

So my questions are;

1. Does anyone know the part number for this mount?

2. If it is not from TT, who then?

3. Has anyone mounted a GPSr on their TT and is maybe there a more creative way to do it?

Having it right in front of me seemed perfect, but I am open for suggestions.


Here is a pic of the mount I intend to use with my model of GPSr..


Thanks for any help and REALLY looking forward to this trike. Are there any sites showing upgrades or such I can go to? I have noticed some "not out of the box" mods while I was looking to solve this issue.


  • The T-mount sounds like a Minoura 'Handlebar Accessory Mount' which is very versatile and handy, and comes in 2 widths: 100 or 130mm. Even the wider one will usually clear between the crankarms, but just barely. It (a light-gauge aluminum tube) can also be quite easily shortened with a tubing cutter, etc, if desired.

    Anyway, it looks like thisHB2022.jpg

    (It needs to be turned 90° from its illustrated position to work best on the trike derailleur tube.

    Any bike shop can get you one from QBP (a distributor) and, you can probably order them online yourself, too, from Amazon, ebay, etc.
    The best clamp size to get is the smaller, 22.2-29mm one, which will fit all TerraTrike front derailleur posts. QBP's part number for that clamp in the shorter 100mm size is HB2022.

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