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I don't like to use headphones. Does anyone know of a way to connect an MP3 player/radio and small speaker to the trike?


  • I bought the seat bag .....a pocket that fits over the seat of my rover. I put mine in there and jam while I ride.
  • wally world had a small case with speakers in it for ten bucks, sound is ok, case is padded with a mesh panel to hold the phon e away from the back of the speaker box, takes three AA batteries. i use mine every day for at least an hour and havent replaced the batteries yet in over a months use.

    i cut a quarter inch slot in the back padding and keep my id card in the case so i dont need to search a bag for my wallet. only issue i have had with it is since i use my phone, if i get a call accessing the case to answer it normaly leaves me listening to a voice mail, so if im riding i ignore the calls till i get to my destination, hmm i think thats what i should be doing anyways since im out to ride not talk on the phone.
  • I know you said you do not like to use earphones. Have you tried earbuds? I have an iPhone and use their latest earbuds-great sound and when used on an iPhone phone calls are automatically phased in while the music pauses then fades out. When the call ends (either from me or the caller) the music automatically fades back in. I wear a bandana that covers my ears to block out wind noise. External speakers just don't get it. Unless you crank 'em then, you're liable to get some unwanted feedback from others. BTW- I also run a GPS app on my iPhone that records my long trips and provides excellent navigation in unknown areas. Of course, this all assumes one is using an iPhone. Perhaps other cellphones provide these advantages. Nonetheless- keep on riding!
  • JBL Charge is what you want. Paired up to any iphone or other blue tooth device and you have some great sound for hours. It can fit in a water bottle holder too. I chose to make a more perminant mount using two 28-35 mm Minoura camera clamp mounts. These are clamped to my two Y tubes directly in front of and slitely below my seat. I then made a small plate/tray with some straps to fix the stereo in platce. This set up faces the speakers directly at you so in high wind speeds the sound still flows past you. Nothing like riding in the woods with some nice tunes......and still be able to chat with my wife on her trike.
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