Thought on his and hers Ramblers

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I purchased two ramblers a month ago, the 24 speed versions. I wanted to share my thoughts on them so far. To begin I have three herniated discs in my lower back and I can no longer ride a regular bike without paying for it later! Sleeping being especially painful after any riding. Enter my Rambler. My first ride was ten miles, at about 8 mph. Not bad for someone who hasn't exercised in over fifteen years! I noticed my knees hurt afterwards and that my arch in my left foot hurt some too. Surprisingly no back pain though! I adjusted my cleats on my shoes to a lower position and my next ride of the same length was pain free for my arch. Knees still hurt though. On my third ten mile outing I really focused on "spinning the pedals" in other words lifting one foot while pushing with the other. As I focused on this mentally, I began to notice a diminishing of my knee pain. I have now logged over 100 miles of ten mile rides, and no more knee pain! I have also noticed that I generate more power with less effort now that I spin the pedals more readily. Also worth mentioning is my back status. I don't want to jinks myself, but my back actually feels better with each ride! This became noticeable once I began to focus on spinning the pedals. I can only conclude with all that lifting of the pedals going on I am using my core stomach muscles now. This in turn is helping those stomach muscles share the load with my back in day to day activities. Not a doctor, just how I feel. I am up to 10.5 mph now and have done a couple of 20 mile rides with my wife. Oh yeah, make sure you both share about equal gearing when you ride. I got blown out of the water by her at first, then realized we were on much different gears. Once we matched gearing we were much more in tune with each other as far as ride goes. Really enjoy riding together and being a couple again, four kids will do that! All of this started due to my Wife and her fibromyalgia. Her doctor recommended a recumbent trike to help keep her fit and the pain at bay. It has helped a lot! And is a great way to decompress and enjoy each others company!


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