Velomobile Project

edited September 2012 in Tour II
I built a PVC pipe frame covered by FRP shower paneling (?) over my Tour II that hinges open at the front and protects me from the elements. Total cost was about $125 and it weighs about 25 lbs. Anyone interested in seeing the pictures, find me on FB to see the album. Or email me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->. Took 6-7 hours of actual work. I plan on making my wife's Rover a body as well, if she'll let me... I was able to attach a head and tail light, and also left the tail light on my rack. Mirrors are next. Why spend $600-$1000 on a fairing or shell if you can make your own? I'm sure it's not as aerodynamic as a real velo, but this will help feed my commuting addiction this winter. I'm thinking shorts and a hoodie!
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