Need More Traction

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The rambler is great except on some unpaved trails the rear wheel slips under power.

I'm thinking of a rear tire with more grip, and there are some BMX 20"/406 tires that look like they'd do a good job.
...Does anyone have a favorite?
...Do we know how wide of a tire will fit the rear under the fender?
...How wide a tire will the stock tube fit (currently in the stock 20/1.75 tire)?

I'm also thinking of moving the seat back, shortening the boom, and see if the riding position is OK to get more weight on the rear...I know that reach to the grips might be a problem and the chain will have to be shortened. If the position turns out to be OK, any reason not to do this?



  • I'm sorry no one has responded to your post yet. There are many tires that you can put on your current rims. A different tire should solve your problem; I recommend the Marathon tire. I have had great success with this tire. It has better tread and a higher psi. The Big Apple tires should also work just fine. There are tons of tires out there with a better tread. Feel free to call and speak to myself or one of the techs for more detailed information!
    Lydia R.
    Customer Service Manager
    TerraTrike - Part of the Solution
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