Garmin GPS bike computor.

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Looking at the Garmin 500 series bike computor but have conserns about how well it works. It don't use a wheel sensor so it must calculate speed/distance by GPS signal, right? How well will it work if your bike trail is completly shady?? We ride this one trail and you lucky if you get 100 yards of sun in 9 miles! I'm thinking it will loose its signal and not work.


  • Turns out my concerns were unfounded. This bike computor is AWESOME! It tracks so many things and even keeps track of your route and overlays it onto a map for you, thats cool! It will log your speed and time and has the ability to stop the timer when you stop (like at stop signs and traffic lights) and resume when you resume. Expensive sure but worth every penny!!!
  • For me, a bike GPS is primarily interesting because of the possibility of navigating while riding the bike. Having speed, cadence and distance info is nice, but you can get that for a fraction of the price without the hassle of having to remember to keep your bike computer charged. Any Cat-Eye will run for at least a year on a set of batteries. Garmin GPS will need to be charged at least weekly if you are an avid rider.
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