Green Lake this weekend?

edited October 2012 in Wisconsin
I am going to be visiting Green Lake this coming weekend (Saturday October 13, 2012 - Monday October 15). I ride a Cruiser. Let me know if you want to meet or if there are any organized rides nearby. It looks like I might have to ride toward Ripon and use a route I found to get to Fond Du Lac and then on to Sheboygan including a possible detour for trail repairs. I just consulted Google maps and I might take it in 2 parts as 120+ miles round trip might be a bit much for me for one day. Since I have a 20 inch rear wheel, I prefer paved trails, but it looks like I will have to ride whatever is available and nearby.


  • Hello All,
      I purchased a Rover, so far I've been happy with it. However the shop where I purchased it, did a strange thing; the front tires have Schrader valved inner tubes, while the rear has a Presta valve installed. In the spring, when I go to use the Rover, I find the rear flat. The front tires have easily made it through the winter temps. Needless to say, I'm annoyed. How do I change out this Presta with a Schrader valved inner tube ? Do I do it myself or should I have a shop do it. I not about to return to the place where I bought it. They are in business for the money, not service. Customer service is not there.

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