Bar End Shifters

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Just curious, looking at getting a Tour II. Do I have to buy the pro model to get bar end shifters or can I buy a Base model and just upgrade that? Is that something I have to do through Terra Trike or can the local bike shop do that? Thoughts?


  • I purchased a Tour II Elite model in May and the local bike shop installed bar end shifters. They normally do on most Tour II models (as well as 26" rear wheel), unless the buyer requests otherwise. I really like the shifters as I think they make it very easy to pick the right gear for the slope. Seems to be easier on my knees!
  • As far as i'm concerned bar end shifters are a must with vertical bars! I just don't seem right twisting a grip with the bottom of your hand. If you have the base 8 speed then Dura-ace makes a real nice set of bar end shifters. I went with the Shimano Alfine rear hub and went with Jtek bar end shifters and love em!!
  • Ordered my Tour II with BE shifters as an upgrade for $60 through TT. I have never liked twist grip shifting and the BE are very comfortable and perfect.
  • I would LOVE to attend but I'm way out in California :( . Will you be putting pictures up on the forum for all us who can't attend? Please
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