Turf-riding with the Tour II ?

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I plan on buying a TerraTrike Tour II Base next month but as a new rider, I'm concerned about avoiding car traffic. I have discovered that with some occasional turf-riding, I could avoid the bussiest through-ways and jump between residential areas to connect to near-by bike trails.

I would like to hear what recomendations you might have to make this kind of riding more comfortable. I wouldn't call it "off road" riding, exactly, since that conjurs up visions of a muddy BMX course. It's more like gentle riding over empty lots and taking turf easements between housing developments in good weather.

I'm thinking a larger, rear wheel, of course. But is the 26" standard weel kit a good choice or should I consider different tires or wheels?

Thanks for the recomendations,



  • That is a really great idea because the turf will be soft and the tour will not be corrupted.

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  • Artificial turf is made from chemicals, which is not a 'green' way to go. For water conservation in the landscape, plant native and drought resistant species. Minimize lawn by naturalizing the landscape and filling beds with species that require minimal care and water.

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  • Stick with lower pressure, wider tires like the stock CST or upgrade to the 2" Schwalbe Big Apple. Keep the speed down. The more vertical your seating position, the less you'll take hits to the neck coming from the rear wheel hitting bumps. Don't jump it!
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