Is the Edge still being made??

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Seen one on a ride the other day and thought that was the neatest trike I have ever seen!! Curious if they are still around or only built on demand. What is the weight limit on a carbon trike??


  • Haven't been in production for about 2+ years.
    All hand built and glued = very time consuming and expensive.
    They were very cool trikes but we only sold a handful per year. Didn't make sense for s to continue making them.
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  • Hey Hisey I have one I am trying to sell so I can get a new trike with a higher seat. You are right they are very neat to look at and ride. Every time I'm out riding I get stopped at least a couple of times by people admiring it and asking a multitude of questions. The weight limit is 225. If you are interested email me at and I'll fire off a link to a Picasa web album with a ton of high def pix of my Edge.It's still in mint condition but I just hit 64yrs.and am looking for a folding trike with higher seat.
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