History on Path model

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Picked up a used Path 8 today and was curious about the Path line. Looks like the Tour II replaced it but what years did the Path see production? Mine has the seat that adjusts by seperate bolt holes and I have been told thats an early version. It came with 2 booms and is in decent shape but needs some TLC and a few parts replaced. The bronze steering bushings are worn out and there is some spacers missing from the rear idlers? How do you loose those?? The chain is janked up and shot so i'm thinking of converting it to use the newer Z72 3/32 chain insted of the 1/8 inch. Gonna have to call Terra Trike and get some parts comming this way for it.


  • Since this is a used Path 8 I suggest you spend some extra cash and get the extended warrenty. Have fun ride safe and if yoiu can invest an extra 500 or 600 get you an N360 hub that way you'll have more room to experiment with gearing because the stock Path 8 is slow.
  • I have a Nuvinci that I offered to sell to you awhile back, while the nuvinci is an awesome idea im just not a fan of the twist grip shifter! If you have horizonal bars like the Rover or Rambler it would be great but the Path has vertical bars and for me that calls for a Alfine 8 with a Jtek barend shifter. Now it somebody could come up with a barend for the Nuvinci they could be rich!
  • so far I totally love it as I really can't see that well any way I shift by the tent ion I feel in the pedals if its easy lower range if hard as heck high range scared to get a bike computer I can see. So added one to my phone and the phone goes in the pannier
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