Trouble mounting my terra trike rear rack on my rambler 8

edited December 2012 in Rambler
This is no doubt easy for some but I'm no handyman and the instructions that came with are of no help. The pictures provided are very hard to see and I'm a visual person. I got so far as putting the rack on to the bike but its not stable as I can't figure out how your supposed to put the struts on ( where and how you attach them to the bike). If someone who has done this could post a few pictures of how the struts connect to the bike/ rack it would really help. I trying to put the terra trike rear rack on a rambler 8; hope this helps. Thanks


  • I don't have pictures but the rack struts mount to the "inside" of the rack and then to the bolts that mount the support arms for the seat back. The instructions are crappy and I found that some extra flat washers really help alot on the rack itself, but you will have to get them yourself.
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