Valve Adapter

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How many come in the package, is it just 1 per package? Is it ok to leave them on all the time?


  • One will come with your Path8. If you purchase a valve adapter separately, they are sold as one. You can leave the adapter on the valve.
  • Awesome! Thanks for the info!
  • If the adapter you're talking about is the adapter that will let you use a standard automobile tire pump (Schrader Valve) on the Presta valve usually on our tires the statement "You can leave it on" must be modified.  I found that If I left it on the air leaked out, although slowly, not in an hour, more like overnight.  I had to remove it after pumping the tire, CLOSE the Presta valve, and then put it back on.  The tire would not hold air unless the Presta valve was closed.  And I couldn't pump air into the tire unless the Presta valve was opened.  When I told the bike shop where I got the adapter what happened the salesman apologized that he'd not made that clear.
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