My husbands first impressions of my Tour II

edited December 2012 in Tour II
"We ordered the trike with bar end shifters for easier shifting and I am VERY pleased with them. The other additions included an 11-34 Megarange cog set and fenders. This trike is a fantastic hill climber and performs equally well on the flats with very positive shifting for smooth acceleration with no pedal steer. Braking was quick, positive and straight. Maneuverability is very precise and smooth. One almost just has to think about turning and you're there. I found the turning radius to be absolutely adequate. I personally own a tadpole from another manufacturer that I have had for ten years and have had the opportunity to ride many other trikes as well. I am very glad that, when my wife decided it was time for her to have a tadpole tike of her own, we decided to go with TerraTrike. I don't believe you could find better performance for money spent with any other manufacturer" ... hotostream
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