Power Grip pedals

edited January 2013 in Accessories
I've had Power Grip straps on two trikes: one that I sold yesterday and a Rambler I got last week. I have neurological issues that keep me from feeling much in or having much control of the movement of my lower legs and feet. The weight of the straps makes the pedal roll upside down, which was very inconvenient for me. I rigged a barrel-type fishing sinker as a counterweight on the backside of each pedal on my old trike; they worked well but looked really bad. For my Rambler, I took a couple of small hinges that I had lying around and attached one flat against the backside of each pedal using the same screw that attaches the end of the strap--they appear to do as well as the sinkers and look a whole lot better. Thought somebody else might want to try this.
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