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Anyone in Arkansas loving to ride their terratrike? I'm in white hall, just north of pine bluff


  • Where is White Hall? I will be moving to Arkansas around December 2014, should be in Lakeview or Mountain Home.
  • I just started riding a new Rambler GT.  I live in Springdale, AR (far NW between Fayetteville and Rogers.  So far I've put 60+ miles on it mostly on the beautiful Razorback Greenway trail.  I see lots of pedestrians and bicycles, but not trikes or recumbents.  I'm recently retired and I would like to be in a group.  I can be reached at
  • I've now got 170 miles on the Rambler GT and have ridden the Razorback Greenway trail a number of times and I still haven't seen any trikes from Springdale north to Lowell and south around Lake Fayetteville. I'm still looking!  It is my goal to ride the entire system from south of Fayetteville and all the way north to Bella Vista.  As fall approaches and the weather cools I can plan on spending an entire day exploring the trails.
  • That looks like an awesome trail.  How steep are the hills?  

    I love that part of the country.  I made several trips to Table Rock Lake when I used to live in Missouri.  That part of Arkansas is so much better than the NE section.  I spent 4 years there while my ex was stationed at Blytheville AFB.
  • I live in Springdale (extreme NW...Rogers, Bentonville, Rogers and Fayetteville). Go to and click on the the 3 bar logo in the upper left.  From that drop down menu click on bicycles and it will paint in all the trails.

    Yes, there are some trails and upgrades to conquer.  This area is pretty hilly and I have had to climb partway up several places, stop and lock the brakes, drink/eat/let the legs recover, unlock and go on.  The trails are wide concrete or pavement.  It's a really nice setup and they're extending trails even as we speak.

    I've ridden a much a 24 miles in a day and commonly do 16 to 20.  There are some hills where it takes me a couple stages to conquer, but the trails are wide and it's not a problem to stop.  The loop around Lake Fayetteville takes you into the boonies where there are several steep ravines!  It's where I had the meeting with the rattler.  I wonder if it's waiting for me to come by again? 8-]

    To answer your question, there are more long grades than steep hills, but there are some steep hills.  I encountered one south of Lowell that was short (50 yards), but ran about 15 to 17 degrees.  It took me two stages on that one!

    Yes, it does have hills.  I've yet to meet another trike, but I'm watching.
  • The top five States for Rails to Trails, based on total miles are, in order, MI , MN ,WI ( go Packers ) PA , and WA. This is based on a 2012 article . As all of the top States are working on more, I wouldn't imagine that the ranking has changed much in the last few years.
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    Hi all.  Our system in NW Arkansas is not based on rails to trails as there are not many rail systems in this area.  There are two main lines running north and south and both are active.  One is the main route from Kansas City to New Orleans.  The other line runs from Fort Smith to Monett MO and services industries along the way.  The latter also has the AR-MO excursion train which has the annual Veteran's Memorial Day Troop Train where veterans ride for free.  Several years our ham club has had a radio on board making contacts all over the world "train mobile."

    The Razorback Greenway trail system is huge. .  There are other trails coming off of this system and more and more are being added.  The trails are mostly concrete with some blacktop and have nice bridges over creeks.  They run thru town areas, many times under main streets and the Interstate, and out into the countryside away from streets and highways.  In some places I later got on Google maps to see where I had actually been.  There were no landmarks except for the smell when going by the poultry processing plant...P U.

    Go to Google Maps, plug in Springdale, AR, click on the menu in the upper left (3 horiz bars) and select bicycling.  Drag up and down and you'll see the extensive system.

    I see one thing nice about rails to trails, and as I remember, trains always maintained no more than a six degree slope.  Now, Northwest Arkansas, we're talking goat trails.  Yup, we have some long upgrades and hills.  I'm not ashamed to say that I've stopped part way up to rest my legs, get a drink, and admire the scenery for a few minutes before pushing on!

    Now that the weather is beginning to cool I look forward to exploring this vast system and my panniers can hold plenty of water (for Elrique64 a Dr. Pepper or two) and chow.  I can spend the whole day exploring!
  • A good think about recumbent trikes is you can stop on an upward hill and still be able to start again.  I remember as a child trying to pedal a 10-speed up a hill after a stop.  It was extremely difficult.  Sometimes I just walked the 2-wheeler up a hill.

    I was looking at the Rails to Trails in Florida.  Wish I had a trike when I lived in NW Florida.  That trail near Milton looks awesome!  We don't have many as this state did not have many train routes.  But, I did find some beautiful trails in island parks.  I can't wait to ride one of them.  
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  • Hello TrikesterHal! Back in 2014 I was out on the greenway in the Rogers area 2-3x per week for about 6 months. At the time I was riding a recumbent bicycle (Bachetta Bella) that I had purchased at Springdale Bicycles on Emma. There was one other person I saw frequently and talked to him a few times that was riding a trike. I'm not sure if he still rides in the area or not.

    I ended up having some serious back issues starting in Nov. 2014 and attempted to ride my recumbent bicycle again last October but it was too painful. So, just 2 days ago I replaced that bike with a TerraTrike Rambler and had it out on the greenway in the Rogers area yesterday morning. I used to ride south towards Lowell but the trail was not quite finished yet at that time but I know it has since been finished between Rogers and Springdale so if you ride north and I ride south perhaps we will cross paths sometime soon. I will probably mainly be out in the evening after 6pm when the heat starts diminishing.

    My Rambler is orange, I have a Dogwood Junction flag below my caution flag and wear a red and gray Specialized brand helmet. So, if you see anyone fitting that description don't hesitate to flag me down. :)

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    MM4001, Hello.  You were probably seeing John on an ICE trike with a big white flag with a blue cross (flag of Finland actually).  I run into him every once in a while.  He rides the entire length of the trail.  He lives in Greenland and hauls his trike wherever he wants to start.  He's a nice guy.

    I've been leaving the house around 6 AM to beat the heat and don't go farther north than the trail head on Silent Grove road.  I tend to ride south and down around Lake Fayetteville so that there is shade and places to top off the water bottle.  I even wear all white because I am so fair skinned and burn easily.

    I don't ride far north now because of those long stretches in the open sun and the distances where I'd be riding in the heat heading back south.  I'll start riding back north when the heat subsides.  

    I've ridden that Rogers trail where you end up by the Casey's at 102 and Dixieland.  I've also ridden all the way to Bella Vista dodging rain going and coming.... that was a 55 mile ride and I was totally knackered when I got home.

    I've been riding my Rambler GT since last August and as of this morning I'm 2 miles from turning over 2,400 miles.  I'm planning on getting a Catrike 5.5.9 in early August which is going to be in the new hyper "screaming" yellow.  It'll have my festoon of poles, flags and ribbons.

    I'm seeing more and more trikes on the Greenway.  I'll be watching for you when I ride north again.  You can read my adventures at by blog:  I'll being seeing you for sure.
  • My wife and I live in Little Rock, and usually ride the River Trail loop. Fairly flat except for crossing the Big Dam Bridge or the Clinton Library (a good place to park) bridge. It is about16 miles in length, and safe, except for the downtown LR section. We generally cross the Clinton bridge, bike the north side of the trail, and if we're felling energetic, will cross the BDB before reversing direction. If you want to do the LR side, I recommend Sat or Sun morning.
    Haven't been out as much as I would like, heavy spring rains flooded the trail, and summer heat and humidity are killers. If you are up this way, we ride a Rover tandem, probably the only one around here.
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