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I had ordered an aluminum rack for my Path. Went to install it the day it came in and right off discovered a problem I hadn't foreseen.
My wife sometimes rides the Path and I also frequently get people to try it out. Of the many people who have stopped me to ask about the
trike quite a few have accepted my invitation to take a ride. This often necessitates moveing the seat. The rack fastens to the seat. I threw the
rack into a tool box. Finally got to thinking about it and solved the problem. My rack doesn't use the seat at all Rack stays right there even
when I remove the seat. Two neat stainless offset clamps from Ace Hardware, about 5 bucks. Even came with rubber to protect the paint.


  • Since the rack is attached to the seat stays, moving the seat or adjusting the angle of recline requires some repositioning of the rack. This is not a big deal if you change these things infrequently. If multiple riders use the trike, and you need to reposition the seat often, this could be a pain.

  • If you remove the seat mesh, the rack will not be in the way at all. I recommend doing that instead of removing the seat frame all together.
    The only time there are issues with the rack is if you are changing the angle of your seat frequently or trying to remove the seat. If you are slightly changing the angle of your seat, then you often don't have to do anything with the rack. Adjusting the angle of the seat causes the rack to move with it, and make the angle of the rack be tilted forward or back instead of flat about the wheel/parallel to the ground. A slight adjustment won't change much, but anything more drastic, you would need to move the rack as well. I can send you pictures if you would like- let me know if you have more questions!
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