Finally located a lightly used Rambler

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I just bought a in New condition Rambler. It has the 40PSI Tires on it. How much will I improve speed by going to the 100PSI tires? I will be pedaling mostly in norteast Indiana - lots of hills. So will probably will not go to the 26" wheel on the back. I will be pedaling mostly on paved streets & bikeways.

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  • Last week when I bought my Rambler (also with the 40psi tires), my friend bought a Tour II with the 100 psi tires. We both rode both trikes before deciding on which one we each wanted. At the time, I didn't know the Tour had the 100 psi tires, but it did seem faster. My buddy said it was like a go cart so he got it even though it was harder for him to get in/out of it.
    I too would like to know about the speed difference with the 100psi tires.
  • I am going to find out. I am going tomorrow to the dealer in Napoleon, Oh and get the 100PSI tires put on. I also had tried a tour II with the 100PSI tires, it seamed much faster. I went with the Rambler because I got a real good price on a used one. I like the higher seat on the Rambler. I will let you know after I get the new tires on how much it increases the speed.

  • Cool! I got the Rambler because of the higher seat too.
  • I got to do 9-1/2 miles yesterday with the new 100psi tires on my Rambler. They are inflated to 70psi. Speed on flat and down hill is 3-4 MPH faster than the 40psi tires. Up hill is 2-3 MPH faster than the 40psi tires. The area I was riding in is very hilly and no flat long straight-a-ways. If I went up to 90 or 100psi there would probable be even more increase in speed, but the ride would be a lot stiffer.

  • That's a pretty good increase. Guess I'm going to have to move tires a bit higher up my wish list.
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