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I really love my C.F. Edge. Made a few alterations to it. I put some horizontal bar ends on. That seems to work better for me than verticle. Then, out on the end of those I installed some Bar con shifters. Also, had to install some Rotor cranks on it. I run 406x28 Continentals, I think they roll great. I've got about 22-2300 trouble free miles on my machine in a year and a half. That thing is an engineering marvel. I bought it because two of my friends have trikes. I thought it would be fun but, it's way more fun than I ever thought it would be. It's like driving a sports car, only with a much better workout.


  • I have a CF Edge with 4800 miles on it!
    In February I upgraded it with Schlumpf high speed drive, Rohloff hub,Terracycler Idlers and Avid08 juicy7 hydraulic disc brakes and it was done by Ashley Guy
    at Utah Trikes who did a fantastic job!
  • I have an Edge and note that at about 22-24 mph I run out of higher gears. I see you added a Schumplf and wonder how that has worked for you. Also, how did you get your Edge to Ashley for the upgrade?

    Rather than modified my Edge I have thought of buying a second trike, the Race, which Ashley now has on sale and simply starting with the Schumplf on that.
    Any thoughts?
  • You might consider the Zoomer SL.
    The components are far nicer.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

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