Tandem Owners, Name, Addess, & Changes/Additions

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Would be nice if we could keep this thread only to what you own, where you're from, and anything non-standard. Please limit yourself to one post and edit that post as needed.

Where are you from: country, region, state, city, address? Put in what you're comfortable with. If it's just state that's fine. We're from Ashby, Minnesota. Everyone knows that's between Melby and Dalton.

We currently own a red 08 WW Tandem. We also owned an 04 WW Tandem in the past.

Our WW Tandem came with independent coasting system (IPS, sic). It drove us crazy. We went from in-phase to out-of-phase and we never felt in tune with each other. I realize that some love the system, but many others have taken it off, not only WW tandems, but conventional as well. Without the ICS, when we were in total phase the tandem rocked back and forth. When we placed the cranks 90 degrees out-of-phase only one person can coast with a leg forward at a time; that didn't work for us. We put our cranks 180 degrees out-of-phase (actually you're in phase, but when one is pushing with the right leg the other is pushing with the left), didn't rock the trike, and could both coast at the same time. Heaven!

We have removed five of the idlers. Didn't like the spongy feeling those nine idlers gave. I used TerraCycle idler mounts and relocated both the front and back idlers. The pedaling is much, much smoother, we're more efficient, and climb hills much, much easier. Heaven!

Our first 04 WW Tandem had the rear handle bars under the seat and they were in a perfect place. Our 08 tandem had the bars mounted about 4 inches in front of the seat. For our short arms this was too far forward. I removed the WW handlebars and put two sets of bar ends on each side of the seat. Terry now rides with her hand below the seat in a much more comfortable position, even more so than the 04 tandem position. Heaven!

We don't like the seat so taunt, but when you loosen the straps you end up sitting on the buckles. WW puts the strap buckles in the middle of the seat. I removed the seat covers, took them to a upholstery shop and had them overlap the one side so now the buckles are on the side of the seat, not the middle, so you don't have to have the seat so tight to avoid sitting on the buckles. We've owned four WW trikes and all have had this problem. Terra Trike needs to change the position of the buckles! Heaven, heaven!

The low gearing was too high (30 tooth small ring). We tried a 26 tooth but that also was too high. I found a set of 110 cranks that we could put a Mountain Tamer Triple on and now have a 22 tooth low. When we go to Terry's brothers in Wisconsin we now can barely make it up the hills (16%+ grades). We have Schlumpf Mountain Drives on our single trike and at some point we will add a MD to the tandem. While much much better, we will be in heaven when we finally get a MD installed.

We felt both tandems were OK to begin with and made some of the changes to the 04. The changes we have made to the 08 turned this tandem into a totally different ride.

Over time I will edit this post as things change. I last edited this post on May 20, 2011.


Perry Butler
Ashby, Minnesota (Between Melby & Dalton)

08 WW Tandem
07 Ice TNT
04 Tour Easy
02 Trice Explorer
97 V-Rex


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    Dana & Carmella Thompson
    5209 Mulholland Drive
    Summerville, SC 29485
    Summerville, SC
    Tandem Pro
  • Jeff & Kiersten
    Holland Mi.

    Own a red 07
    IPS-enjoy that!!

    Kiersten-Zoomer Elite
    Nothing like riding with your best friend :D
  • Tony and Pam Teunissen
    LeRoy MI (near Cadillac)

    07 Tandem
    Unique to our trike;
    Mountain Drive (will be adding it next month.)

    Type of riding;
    Mostly road riding, lots of hills, some riding on White Pine Trail
  • Lauren Mattone and Deb Jones
    Easthampton MA

    '11 red--two weeks old!
    Anyone else out this way?
  • Ellen and Jim Strasma
    Arlington Heights, IL

    '11 Rover 8 with Tandem attachment - 1 week old

    Jim works at Amlings Cycle in Niles, IL, a TT dealer.
  • Mark & Bree
    Carrollton IL (don't blink...)

    TerraTrike tandem we bought used, and we love it! The last time my wife rode with me this much was in the 90s!
  • Darrell & Debra
    Oak Harbor, WA

    TerraTrike Rover (http://tandemriding.blogspot.com)
  • Roland & Sharalin Downing
    Tacoma, WA.

    Rover Tandem
  • Jane Knight and Greg Long
    Houston, Texas area

    Tandem Pro IPS
    February, 2013
  • Mike and Laura in Edmonds, Washington State-
    New owners (Nov. 2013) of a beautiful TT Tandem Pro:
    Deluxe Fenders
    AirZound air horn
    Clipless pedals
    Rear View Mirrors
    Hydrapacks in seat bags
    CatEye Micro wireless computer
    Aluminum rear rack & Trunk Pack
    Krog front and rear lights, helmet lights
    Seat Wedges, front & back

    Next add-on will be the BionX 48V electric assist kit.
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