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The tour II doesn't come with anyplace for mirrors. I had to have mirrors so I decided to fabricate my own. Here are the pictures of my mounts and mirrors installed. I had to make the mounts but you can buy the cockpit T Bars and clamps at TerraCycle.com. The T bars are $26.00 and the clamps are $24.00. If you are somewhat mechanically inclined you can make your own by ordering the tubing which is 6061-T6 Aluminum, the OD is 7/8 and the wall thickness is .049 which costs about 20.00 for four feet. Cut to the desired length and have welded. The mounts are 6061-T6 aluminum, 1.4" thick plate. The round bar is 7/8" diameter and cut to an 82 degree angle because the kingpin bracket is 82 degrees, then the bar is welded to the aluminum plate.If you have more questions contact me at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:bobdog442@aol.com">bobdog442@aol.com</a><!-- e -->.
Check out the pictures:


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  • Hey, nice job. I like to see creative minds and hands at work! I've considered ways to put mirrors on my trike and other recumbent two wheel vehicles with under seat steering, but have never found a really elegant way to do it. So, I've settled with a mirror attached to the inside of my eyeglass lens. Lately I've felt compelled to find a way to put mirrors on my trike so I'm not limited to a pair of glasses with a mirror attached, so I'm experimenting with helmet mirrors. As compelling as your project is, it's a little more hardware than I would like to add to my trike. Perhaps if the vertical bars were just straight aluminum with mirrors stuck in the end, then that would be a bit more minimalist, but then you would not be able to mount other accessories such as a GPS.

    Something to consider if you you ever make a version two. You could get longer bolts for the kingpins, and use them to secure your mounts. Then you could drill a much smaller hole in the trike for a screw to keep the mount from rotating. From what I've seen of the kingpins, this would not jeoperdize their integrity or your safety as long as you had a small screw to keep the mount from rotating.

    Thanks for sharing your project!
  • Chonk,

    I looked at the link you posted for the Blackburn mirrors, but it's hard for me to imagine how they would work on a Tour II. If they were mounted at the top of the bar, just below the bar end shifter, then they might clear the top of the wheel, but then they would be in the way of my hands when moving from the brakes to the shifters. If they were mounted toward the bottom of the hand grip, then it's hard for me to imagine that they would clear the wheel, especially with a fender attached. I'm not saying they won't, but it's hard to see how they would work from the photo.

    Do you have a pic of this mirror mounted to a Tour II with bar end shifters and fenders? It would be nice to see the products TerraTrike sells attached to their trikes.

    I saw a Tour in a YouTube video with with bar end shifters and mirrors attached to the bars. It appeared that they were attached to the bars below the grips, but the mirrors were above the wheels. Perhaps someone made a custom mirror mount with a stem that put the mirrors up so high.
  • Gary, that works fine when using twist shifters. However, those with bar end shifters such as the OP and myself have to be more creative since the bar end shifters mount in the ends of the handle bar. Rob
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