Turning radius on edge - way to fix?

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Hello, I have a 2006 TerraTrike Carbon Edge that I bought used, and am very happy with it. The person I bought it off of was taller than myself. I have adjusted the bike for my comfort via the online manuals. One think I noticed is the turning radius on the bike is huge... like not being able to turn around in a 3 car driveway! Is this usual for the edge and direct steering trikes? The docs mentioned adjusting the handlebars would affect steering, but not how. Any thoughts would be appreciated!


  • Hey PrintMkr.

    Our direct steer (and I believe MOST direct steer trikes) are in the 9-14' DIAMETER range.

    I don't have an edge on hand to measure for you (we build each one of them up custom), but I did measure the Zoomer model, which is also a direct steer and that one has a:

    12' Inner Diameter = 6' Inner Radius
    15' Outer Diameter = 7.5' Outer Radius

    You should easily be able to turn around in a normal drive with this. You handlebar adjustment might have something to do with this happening. Give Ben at the shop a call and we can discuss options.
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